African safari travelogue is May 19


FULTON, Ill. — The Volunteer Miller program for May brings a unique travelogue to the Windmill Cultural Center at 100 10th Ave., Fulton.

Traci (Vanderploeg) Kraemer, a native of Fulton, and her husband, Ross, have been to 26 countries in the past 12 years, including three countries in Africa in the past 18 months. Travel photography is her favorite hobby. Initially, her goal was to get amazing photos of the animals, but she soon saw the bigger picture encompassing the daily life of the local people. Meeting these incredibly warm, loving Zambians who were truly happy yet had nothing more than their huts and family was an eye-opening experience.

In photography, she finds a way to travel with a purpose. She hopes her photography will bring insights of her travels home and bridge the divide between “us and them.”

This program, which will begin at 2 p.m. May 19, is hosted by the millers of de Immigrant authentic Dutch windmill and is assisted financially with a grant from the D.S. Flikkema Foundation. The event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served after the program. The facility is accessible to people with disabilities.

For more information, visit the Windmill Cultural Center and de Immigrant Windmill Facebook page, the Fulton Illinois Tourism Facebook page or www.cityoffulton,us, or call (815) 589-3925.