Almost halfway done

Herald file photoThis Clinton Herald file photo shows work being done to the new Clinton County Law Center. Officials said Thursday the project is approaching 50 percent completion.

CLINTON — The Clinton County Law Center is approaching 50 percent completion with a targeted completion for April.

The new law center facility, when completed, will give Clinton County Jail staff more options in classifying inmates. Clinton County Supervisor Dan Srp said demising walls are walls implemented between individual day rooms. The demising walls will divide the separate areas and allow classification and segregation of different populations within the jail.

Clinton County Sheriff Rick Lincoln stated they have to separate inmates based on several factors, including the separation of males and females, adults and juveniles, inmates facing felony charges from inmates facing misdemeanor charges and inmates convicted of a crime from inmates awaiting charges on a crime.

“You stop and look how many different categories that we worked very hard looking at our numbers,” Lincoln said. “And right now in our jail we have male areas and female areas. So these are going to be today it may have two females in it and tomorrow we may take them out and put four males in it. So we try to make it multi-purpose.”

The masons are currently laying block in building B and the day room walls and are installing perimeter brick. Cedar Valley Steel is erecting steel in the area that will have intake and processing and administrative offices. Pauly Jail is starting to install second floor mezzanines in the day rooms. Northwest Mechanical is installing ductwork and piping in the cells. They will then start underground piping in the kitchen. Company One will start installing sprinkler heads in all the cells once the mezzanines are installed.

Forty-three percent of the current project cost was billed as of Thursday. Approximately $10.1 million was billed for the project. The current contract amount is approximately $23.9 million.

Clinton County voters in May 2016 approved a $22 million bond referendum for construction of a new law center. The law center will include a new jail, sheriff’s office, 911 communications center and Emergency Management office.