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Ashford University is seen on Bluff Boulevard in Clinton. University officials announced Monday the school was denied initial accreditation.

The Higher Learning Commission has modified the deadlines set for Ashford University in relation to its compliance with jurisdictional requirements and requirements that Ashford provide a full report and host a site visit as part of its special monitoring status.

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Ashford was placed on special monitoring status by the HLC, its current accrediting body, last month after it was denied initial accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

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The university will now have until Dec. 1 to present the HLC with an implementation plan that demonstrates how  it will comply with the substantial presence requirement in the event that the WASC does not accredit the university.

The HLC Board of Trustees will review this plan in February 2013. If Ashford is required to implement the plan it would need to move its core operations to the 19-state region accredited by the HLC immediately after the anticipated June 2013 WASC decision.

In addition, Ashford will now be able to submit the report demonstrating compliance with the HLC’s criteria for accreditation and core components in two phases. 

Rather than the original Aug. 10 deadline for the full report, the first phase will be due Aug. 31 and the second phase will be due Sept. 21. The advisory visit will also be moved back until Oct. 22 barring any conflicts with the advisory visit team members’ availability.