Cody Assenmacher

Preston native Cody Assenmacher.

CLINTON — On the latest of episode of ‘Survivor’, Cody Assenmacher of Preston has survived another week by winning the weekly challenge and gaining immunity at the Tribal Council.

For the first time this season there were two people voted off the show on the most recent episode. The group of 10 made its way to the challenge area where it split into two groups of five. Each player had to hold down a bar that kept a ball from falling to the ground. The last player on each team to keep the ball above their head would win immunity.

On top of that, the last team standing would earn peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and would also go to Tribal Council second.

Cody and Karla were the last two from their respective sides remaining and Cody was overall the last player remaining, which meant he got immunity and his team got to go to Tribal Council second.

The entire second half of the show was all about the drama of the vote. Each group of five made it clear that their vote was narrowed down to two people.

At Cody’s camp they narrowed it down to Ryan and Cassidy. At the other camp it was between Owen and James.

The first group decided to blindside James and vote him off. This came as a big surprise to him but not to anybody watching at home.

Then Cody’s group decided to get rid of Ryan, who had been a big role player around camp because he would catch fish for everybody to eat.

Now they are down to just eight remaining players and the alliances are starting to shrink. It is very clear Cody and Jesse are working together. They also both have immunity idols that they could play at any time.

The series airs new episodes every Wednesday at 7 p.m. on CBS.

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