CLINTON — The Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency will continue to utilize Barker Lamar for engineering services for at least the upcoming fiscal year.

The CCASWA voted Thursday to approve contract proposals from Barker Lamar to provide services to the agency for regulatory assistance, annual services and SCADA and field system maintenance and support. The contracts are for one year and cover fiscal year 2021.

Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency Director of Operations Brad Seward said the contract rates for fiscal year 2021 are nearly identical to the rates charged to the agency by Barker Lamar in fiscal year 2020.

“In simple terms, they took one of the four contracts we had and put it into the annual services,“ Seward said. “Essentially it’s the same amount for everything. The annual services contract is only higher to reflect the active area and the landfill inspections that we had a separate contract for. So essentially it’s flat. It’s the same amount of money for next year.”

The contract for regulatory assistance calls for compensation not to exceed $26,000 for services provided under the specific contract. The annual services contract calls for compensation of $59,660. Compensation for technical support and SCADA and field maintenance under the third contract will not exceed $14,000, the contract says. The cost for the annual web hosting license will cost $900, according to the contract.

The Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency board last month voted 9-0 to approve the motion to request Barker Lemar extend the current contract at the current rate for fiscal year 2021.

Last month, Board Chairman and Camanche representative Paul Varner suggested the board continue utilizing the services of Barker Lemar for fiscal year 2021. He cited the construction of a new cell at the Clinton County landfill, which was approved at the March board meeting, and the coronavirus pandemic, stating the board should continue with services from Barker Lemar through at least fiscal year 2021.