Bills regarding school funding reach Iowa House floor

This Tuesday, Superintendents from AEA 9 representing Clinton, Scott, Jackson, Muscatine, and part of Cedar County along with Dr. Bill Decker with the Mississippi Bend AEA met with legislators to talk about the AEA’s legislative priorities such as mental health needs of students, as well as funding for the upcoming school year.

Later this week the house education committee passed HF 306 which allocates the FY20 Supplemental State Aid (SSA) to K12 schools in Iowa, and it is now on its way to the house floor. This bill will allow for a 2.06 percent increase for supplemental school funding. The increase in funding in total amounts to an increase of $139 per student bringing the SSA total to $6880.

The house Education committee also passed HF 307 which focuses on transportation and District cost per Pupil (DCCP) Equity funding. The first part of this bill establishes the Transportation Equity Fund created in 2018 as a permanent Categorical fund. The goal of this is to close the transportation spending gap that exists between rural and urban school districts. In District 97 this will benefit Delwood, Calamus-Wheatland, Midland, and Northeast School Districts. The second part of this bill works to close an inequity in school funding that has existed in the funding formula since the 1970s. The per pupil funding increases allocated through the Equity Fund will give $144 per student, which is a $5 increase from the base rate of $139. This will affect school districts such as North Scott and DeWitt Central.

If you have interest in any particular bill or would like to know where it is in the process, please contact me and I will do my best to try and keep you up to date. You can also follow bills on the legislative website once you know the bill number

Norlin Mommsen, R-DeWitt, represents District 97 in the Iowa House of Representatives.