Student Adventures Afterschool Project at Bluff Elementary

In this April 2019 file photo, Jerzi Hill reads to first-graders Mayson Giellis, Anthony Horsley, Terry Hill, Cambri Hill, Faith Hill and Addi Emmert during an afterschool program at Bluff Elementary School. Student Adventures Afterschool Project staff members will receive a 1.5% pay increase for fiscal year 2021.

CLINTON — Afterschool Programs staff will receive a 1.5% pay increase for fiscal year 2021, the Clinton School Board decided Monday.

The school board approved the recommendation of Student Adventures Afterschool Programs Director Loras Osterhaus. “I recommended the 1.5% ... due to the COVID crises,” Osterhaus told the board.

Last year Osterhaus proposed a raise of 1% for the staff, he said, but this year the federal and state governments are allowing afterschool programs to carry over money to next year because the programs have been closed by state mandate since the middle of March.

“That has saved some money,” Osterhaus said, and has given the program more flexibility.

The raise is slightly lower than the 2% given to other school employees, Superintendent Gary DeLacy said, “but it’s a totally different funding source.” A federal grant funds the program.

Afterschool staff members work Monday through Friday, 27.5 hours per week and will receive 10 vacation days, 10 paid holidays and 17 sick days in addition to their salaries.

The Student Adventures Afterschool Programs at Clinton’s four elementary schools and middle school attempt to improve math and reading proficiency in qualifying students.