Both political parties guilty of obstructionism

After reading about the coverage of Sen. Ernst's visit to Clinton on Monday, I would like to address on a comment made by one of the attendees. No Mr. Van Zee,the Democrats are not party that is interested only in obstruction.

Let's go back 3 years when President Obama wanted to fill an opening on the Supreme Court. Senate Majority Leader McConnell wouldn't even give his nominee a hearing. That sir, is obstruction.

That is not the only case that the McConnell has spearheaded since he was elected as Senate Majority Leader. Dozens of judicial appointments were/are left open because of his obstructive efforts toward the Obama Administration. This stems way back to the hearing of Robert Bork's nomination to the Supreme Court. The then freshman senator from Kentucky was irate about the treatment that Mr. Bork received from the lead Democrats in the Senate during his hearing that it ultimately led to the withdrawal of Mr. Borks' nomination.

Since then, Mitch McConnell made a promise to himself that if he were ever elected Majority Leader that would never happen again. Let's not confuse not willing to compromise with obstruction.

Compromise comes from discussion; obstruction is the failure of letting the opposing side's voice be heard.

But let's not be naïve about who are obstuctionists. Both political parties in Congress are guilty of obstructionism in one form or another when their party is in the majority.

Notice how I used the word majority instead of power? The word power gives the illusion of a kingdom, not a republic where the people have a voice.

I for one have tired of the way our Congress has handled themselves in the last 2 decades. I'm tired of the over-inflated egos, tired of discussions or hearings that are like a schoolyard game that if you don't do as I say or follow my rules I'm going to take my ball and go home antics.

To those who have or will be elected to Congress or to the White House I say, represent ALL the constituents, not just the ones who voted for you or the deep pocketed ones who financed you.Just because someone doesn't support your ideals,doesn't mean they have nothing to contribute to solving a problem or the ability to reach common ground.

So as political majorities in both the White House and Congress are cyclical there will be forever the constant accusation toward the majority party by the minority of actions they themselves were guilty of when the political roles were reversed.

Joel Butz

Clinton, Iowa