Camanche approves first reading of trash collection rules

CAMANCHE — The City of Camanche approved the first reading of an ordinance for refuse collection stemming from a change in the provider for garbage and recycling services.

The City Council voted 3-1 last month to approve a seven-year solid waste contract with Republic Services. On Tuesday the Council voted 4-0 to approve the first reading of an ordinance relating to refuse collection.

"This change in the ordinance reflects the new methods by which we will be collecting garbage and recycling in the community," Camanche City Administrator Andrew Kida said. "And there was some areas where (City Attorney) Randy (Current) pointed out that there were inconsistencies in the existing ordinance.... It referred to penalty sections of the ordinance that didn't exist anymore, so we made those corrections as well."

The ordinance adds a section which allows Kida, with council approval, to modify collection requirements in certain situations. The section will be added because of 29 Oaks addition and how trash is collected there, Kida said.

"In those situations they're presented to council. You're authorizing the city administrator to establish a different means for garbage collection for certain areas as necessary," Kida told the Council.

Residents in the 29 Oaks area have been told that they will continue to bring their garbage bags down and be serviced until an alternate plan is set up, Kida said.

Cart delivery is expected to start Monday, Camanche Mayor Travor Willis said, and delivery should be completed by the end of next week.

Residents will receive 96-gallon carts for garbage and 65-gallon carts for recyclables, Willis said. They will be allowed to trade the 96-gallon cart for a smaller one or the 65-gallon cart for a larger one.

Willis suggested the city wait two months before allowing requests for cart changes to encompass four cycles of recycling. Republic Services General Manager Matt Pivit suggested the city wait six weeks, Willis said.

"That way everybody knows kind of how their carts are working, if they need a larger one, a smaller one, or what the case may be," Willis said. "So after two months we're going to have to figure it out whether you call city hall and request a smaller one or a larger one. But that's the way that's going to work."

Once residents establish which carts they want for garbage and recycling, they will have to pay a fee to have a different sized cart delivered, Kida said. Kida anticipates a fee of about $20 for cart delivery.

"The difficulty becomes... after you've made a change and try and change back," Kida said. "Or you've given up your recycling bin and then six months later you decide you want one, then there will be a charge for dropping those off. You won't get charged for the can, but there will be a drop off fee."

The proposed ordinance says containers provided for the use of the residential customer garbage and recycling collection must be placed for collection at the proper location no earlier than 24 hours prior to the scheduled collection day.

Containers must be removed from the city right of way no later than 24 hours after they have been emptied, the ordinance says. The penalty for failure to comply will be $15 per container per incident and may be changed by resolution of the city council.

"I think is really designed to [address] if it becomes a chronic issue," Kida said. "We're not looking to make money off of citations for people not pulling their trash cans back. If the neighborhood starts to get trashed up because they're leaving trash cans out on the street all the time, then it's a way to address that issue."