Camanche approves overage for parking lot

CAMANCHE — The city of Camanche approved payments for invoices related to community center parking lot and sidewalk projects Tuesday.

The City Council voted 4-0 to approve payment of an invoice to Determann Asphalt for $41,755.74 for work on a parking lot and to approve an invoice of $3,900 to Tom McManus Backhoe for the community center sidewalk.

Camanche City Administrator Andrew Kida said the invoice from Determann Asphalt was nearly $4,000 over the bid of $37,977. "We had some overages. They had to bring in some extra gravel and do some extra excavating.

Because the material the company used was not quality material for compaction, it had to bring in extra gravel, Kida said. "The tear down and fill that was done was inadequate for what they needed to do."

Camanche Mayor Trevor Willis said that he and Kida discussed the overage and decided that the city would spend the $4,000 difference in attorney fees if the city pursued legal action. Willis recommended that the city consider not accepting the bids from this contractor in the future.

Councilwoman Amber Metzger suggested the city send out a letter without using city attorneys.

"It never hurts to inquire. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to sue," City Attorney John Frey said.

Kida said the sidewalk needed to be completed along the front of the building, and that was not included in the parking lot bid. The city received two bids for that work, Kida said. The low bid was from Tom McManus Backhoe.

Consent Agenda (4-0 yes)

• Approve minutes from council meetings held on April 11 and April 16.

• Approve bills and claims as submitted.

• Accept the city clerk/treasurer's report for April 2019.

• Approve renewal of Class C liquor license with outdoor service and Sunday sales submitted by Jersey's LLC.

• Receive, accept and place on file minutes from the Library Board meeting held on April 10.

• Receive, accept and place on file minutes from the Historical Board meeting held on April 10.

New Business

• Adopt a resolution amending the current budget for fiscal year 2019 (4-0, yes).

• First reading of an ordinance amending Chapter 6-4 of the Camanche, Iowa, Doe of Ordinances Refuse Collection (4-0, yes).

• Adopt a resolution consenting to assignment of trustee agent agreements, Escrow, due to UMB's acquisition of Bankers Trust (4-0, yes).

• Approve payment of Determann Asphalt invoice for Community Center parking lot, $41,755.74 (4-0 yes).

• Approve payment of Tom McManus Backhoe invoice for Community Center sidewalk, $3,900 (4-0 yes).

• Consider Camanche Days contribution for fiscal year 2020 (4-0 yes).

• Adopt a resolution setting golf cart permit fees (3-1 yes).