camanche sign at park

CAMANCHE — Camanche City Administrator Andrew Kida will work with City Engineer Dan Solchenberger as the city seeks bids for road improvements in phase two of Camanche’s street improvement plan.

Phase two plan includes work on Ninth Avenue from the track approach to the north of the Canadian Pacific line to Third Street, including a water drainage solution at public works. The plan also includes Seventh Street from Eighth Avenue to Seventh Avenue, Sixth Avenue to Lum Park, and Fourth Avenue from the tracks to Second Street to the turn at the Marina. The plan also included work on Fifth Street.

With all of the proposed road work, the projected ending balance of the road use fund sat at $115,000. The estimates are based on $51 per linear foot. Kida said the goal is to get the bids out in January to get the best pricing for the work.

“We have to get engineering on board with doing the inventory of what we’re going to do so they can put the bid packet out in December so we can get the bids in January,“ Kida said.

Solchenberger said it is a good idea to get going with the process. If they wait until January or February to start doing the design and March or April before bidding, it gets late, he said. He added that some drainage issues may come up that may drive the cost of some of the projects higher than the additional estimate.

“This overall bigger picture we’re looking at now is basically paving the street. How much will it cost to do that,” Solchenberger said. “But there may be some drainage stuff we want to consider too to take care of, which will bring that cost up some. And that’s the nice thing about the plan. In the way Andrew (Kida) put this together is if we bid this out and we found out that going into the bidding process, we can always look at pulling a project out of bidding it all and then pulling projects out based on what the costs come in at so that we don’t run the funding for streets down too far.”

Kida noted the city never knows for sure how much money it will get in the road use fund. City Clerk Toni Schneider added she was notified in training with the Iowa Department of Transportation that the city can expect revenue to go down about 10% this year.

Camanche Mayor Trevor Willis noted he and Kida landed on about $175,000 as a good number to have in the fund.

Councilman Brent Brightman supported the council coming up with a number of how much the city wants to keep in the fund so it does not get in trouble.

“I think we need to start with that first as a group and say this is the number that we’re not going to exceed and then go from there with the projects,” Brightman said.

Kida supported the city moving forward with phase two of the street improvement plan and removing the Fifth Street work from that phase of the plan. If the city pulls Fifth Street out of phase two and moves it to phase three, it will bring the city “well close” to $200,000 by the end of the year in road use funds, Kida noted.

“That will certainly give us all the padding we need to make sure we have enough money going forward,” Kida said. “Especially if we’re going to get less in road use money this year. And shift that to going into phase three. Have that be a priority for next year.”

Kida said he will work with Solchenberger on phase two with removal of Fifth Street. They will get estimates on what the total project cost will be. The council will get a rough estimate on the ending balance on the road use fund for the year.