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CAMANCHE — The Camanche City Council tabled two resolutions relating to payment for phase two of the city’s street improvement plan.

The city council tabled approval of a Manatts change order of more than $26,000 for phase two of the street improvement plan. The council also tabled approval of a pay application from Manatts for phase two of the city’s improvement plan, totaling $36,000, including the over $26,000 change order the council also tabled.

The change order relates to an increase in asphalt quantity compared to what was planned for the project, City Engineer Dan Solchenberger said.

“The majority of this change order was for asphalt that they put down,” Solchenberger said. “If you look at it over the whole project, it was a two-inch overlay for everything. But when they mill it, when they hit the crown of the road, sometimes they end up using a little more asphalt to make it work. It comes out to about half an inch of asphalt over the entire project.”

When they mill the concrete, they want to make sure they have enough on the edges to get enough pavement structure there, Solchenberger said. They may use more asphalt sometimes when milling the road, he said.

Camanche Mayor Trevor Willis was struggling with the $26,000 change order for the additional asphalt, he said.

“I’m struggling with this somehow,” Willis said. “Can you tell me why we have the extra asphalt? Did they not mill it correctly? Did they dig too deep when they were milling and so we had to put extra asphalt? That’s not our fault. I want to know why we’re $26,000 more in asphalt on this project that shouldn’t be.”

Solchenberger is sure there are a lot of different things that went into the asphalt usage increase, he said. When they do a variable mill, it is difficult to get exactly two inches, he said.

Next time, they will try to do a yield count, Solchenberger said. This would allow the city to track where they are at when doing a paving operation, he said. However, this is sometimes difficult to do if a company is paving a big, long chunk of a street all at one time, he said. They will try to get a yield count quicker, he said.

Willis does not want to have $25,000 change orders every road that is done in the city, he said.

Councilman Dave Bowman withdrew his motion for approval of the change order so the council can get more information.

Solchenberger plans to talk to Manatts and look at the tickets and get a yield on each street, he said.

That would be best, Councilman Brent Brightman agreed.

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