Camanche council to vote on street plan

CAMANCHE — The city of Camanche is set to vote on bids received for proposed street improvement projects at Tuesday's City Council meeting.

The Camanche City Council agenda under new business includes review and awarding a bid for the 2019 street improvement project. A letter submitted by City Engineer Dan Solchenberger of Shive Hattery says the city received three bids for the project. Solchenberger, in the letter, recommends the city proceed with the low bid, which was received from Determann Asphalt Paving. Determann Asphalt Paving's bid for the projects is $418,364.30. The city also received bids from Tri City Blacktop and Valley Construction. Tri City Blacktop's bid is $609,352.90. Valley Construction had the high bid, totaling $679,410. The Shive Hattery cost opinion estimated a total price of $533,180.50.

Solchenberger states the bid consists of approximately 13,500 square yards of HMA milling and overlay with boxout and utility adjustments, with approximately 19,500 square yards of seal and chip and approximately 6,500 yards of one-inch leveling course and seal and chip. The letter says the award may be subject to submitting acceptable bonds, insurance and other requirements of the city of Camanche.

The agenda under new business includes discussion of a building inspector and code enforcement position. Information in the agenda packet submitted by City Administrator Andrew Kida states in years past the city of Camanche employed a part-time building inspector who issued permits. The agenda packet says the duties have recently shifted to Camanche Fire Department employee Jim Sowle. Kida recommends the city create a full-time position for a building inspector and code enforcement officer.

Kida further recommends the city enact a 2 percent franchise fee on electricity and gas to add most of the necessary revenue to cover the cost. He recommends the city increase some fees for building permits and increase the types of work as necessary. He also recommends the city adopt the International Building Code. He says it will establish a stronger guideline relating to how buildings and additions are constructed. Kida lists estimated revenues at $92,000.

Kida in the report also includes an alternative for the building inspector and code enforcement officer position. Kida in the alternative plan suggests the city utilize freed-up general fund money by adjusting funding resources for the city administrator and city clerk. He suggests they accomplish this by allocating portions of their salaries and benefits from water, sewer, garbage and road use. He suggests they increase some fees for building permits and increase the types of work as necessary.

"There is another factor to consider with this position," Kida states in the report. "I expect it would be considered a bargaining unit position. The wage and guidelines are something that should be presented to the bargaining unit as an addition to the contract. In the effort to maintain fair and open relations, they should participate in the establishment of benefits which fall under our contract with them."

The agenda under old business includes a third reading and adopting an ordinance amending Camanche City Code Ordinance 3-2-29, subsection 29 of the Camanche, Iowa, Code of Ordinances by establishing a two-hour parking limit on 14th Avenue by title only.

The agenda also includes oaths of office to Brent Kilburg and Bradley Drews as Camanche police officers.

The City Council is scheduled to meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday.