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CAMANCHE — The Camanche School Board has accepted the resignation of Carrie Lane as the Camanche High School principal.

The school board accepted Lane’s resignation effective June 30. Lane was the Camanche High School principal for three years and is the third principal to leave the position in the last five years. Charles Wiebenga resigned in the spring of 2017 after serving as the district’s principal for five years. Benita Gonzales retired in the spring of 2018 after serving as principal for one year.

Board member Todd Gravert questioned whether the district should consider conducting an exit interview with Lane. He noted the turnover in the high school principal position since he was elected to the school board.

“She’s the third one in my tenure,” Gravert said. “While I understand some of them, I feel like maybe we need to start getting some data points. Are there things we’re doing right, things we’re doing wrong?”

If the school board decides to hold exit interviews, they need to be held in a formal structure that is consistent, Camanche School District Superintendent Tom Parker said.

“If the school board would like to develop an actual list of questions for exit interviews if you would like to have people leaving respond to, we certainly could do that,” Parker said. “But again, the format that takes and how you want to approach that as a Board of Education is fine. I would offer this, though: If the Board of Education or a committee of the Board of Education is going to take this on, then you need to consistently follow this. It can’t be a hit-and-miss scenario. And again, if those are time commitments that the Board of Education’s HR committee is going to want to take and through thick and thin want to follow through with that, that’s certainly the discretion of the board.”

Some places utilize an online form, board member Travis Baker said. The form is sent to the person by email with a request for the form to be returned, Baker said. There is always an option for the person to have an in-person interview, he added.

School Board Vice President Peg Wolf supports utilizing the online form.

“After leaving a job, it can be quite intimidating to be called back in front of three board members to explain why you left,” Wolf said. “Whereas, sending an online gives them a cloak of anonymity, if you would, and also allows them to come back if they chose to. I like what you’re saying.”

Parker also supported the online option, he said. It will allow for consistency in treating everyone the same, he said.

Baker plans to work on finding information on a potential form the district could use.

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