Camanche sign

CAMANCHE — Camanche Schools operated normally Tuesday after Camanche School District administration and the Camanche Police Department determined that a threat to the high school had been previously addressed.

Camanche School District Superintendent Tom Parker said high school administration and Camanche police were made aware Monday of a threat to the high school. Parker said officials acted immediately to investigate the threat, interviewing those involved.

School administrators and Camanche police found that the threat did not occur recently and had been addressed. Officials determined that the schools were safe.

Parker said Tuesday that schools were running as normal. Schools are always locked, and visitors are required to use a buzzer to be granted entry to the school.

“We always encourage students and parents, if they have concerns, to let a trusted adult know of concern at school,” Parker said. “We take these situations very seriously. Communication from students and parents is important to maintain a safe environment.”