CAMANCHE — The city of Camanche has approved its proposed fiscal year 2019 budget, which will result in the rise of 20 cents in the city’s tax asking.

The budget calls for a 20 cent per $1,000 valuation increase in the tax asking, which will cover the debt service for the community center.

“We are not going to enact franchise fees at this time,” Camanche Mayor Trevor Willis said. “We do not need them. That’s a source of revenue we can look down the road to using if so needed. The city has not raised its tax asking in six years. And aside from the community center debt service, with the property valuations being what they are in Camanche, we are also going to be able to increase staffing in the police department back up to eight and also provide some part-time administrative help for the police department too. So those are the main changes in the budget.”

The Camanche City Council voted 4-1 in favor of approving the budget as published. Council members Brent Brightman, Tammy Campie, Paul Varner and Danny Weller voted in favor of the resolution. Council member Amber Metzger was opposed to the resolution.

Consent Agenda (Approved, 5-0 vote)

n Approve minutes from council meeting held on Feb. 20.

n Approve bills and claims as submitted

n Receive, accept and place on file minutes from Historical Board meetings held on Jan. 10 and Feb. 14.

n Accept the resignation of Christine Leslie from the Historical Board.

n Approve the appointment of Edward Evans to the Historical Board term ending July 1, 2019.

n Approve renewal of Class C beer permit, Class B wine permit and Sunday sales as submitted by DOLGENCORP, LLC dba Dollar General.

n Approve renewal of Class C beer permit with Sunday sales for Camanche Marina, Inc.

n Approve application for tax abatement for 2008 14th St. as submitted by Timothy and Michele DeVine.

n Receive, accept and place on file minutes from the Library board meetings held on Jan. 3 and Feb. 1.

New Business

n Approve a resolution approving an agreement between the city of Camanche and Frey, Haufe and Current, PLC, to appoint the firm to represent the city as the city attorney. (Approved, 5-0 vote)

n Approve a resolution authorizing an agreement between the city of Camanche and Utility Service Partners Private Label, Inc., d/b/a Service Line Warranties of America. (Approved, 5-0 vote)