Camanche OKs squad car purchase

CAMANCHE — The Camanche Police Department earlier this week was given approval by city officials to purchase a squad car.

The Camanche City Council on Tuesday approved the purchase at a cost of $47,871.08. The squad car is a 2019 Ford Interceptor Utility. The Camanche Police Department obtained $5,000 for a car camera system and $1,500 in a miles per hour radar system and a dual antenna through grants.

"The plan is to add another marked squad. So we would have three marked squads," Camanche Police Chief Colin Reid said. "We currently have three. We would be adding a fourth marked squad and then we'd use that other vehicle for training and fire department needs."

Reid said the Camanche Police Department is currently sharing one of its old vehicles, an Expedition, with the Camanche Fire Department instead of selling the vehicle. Reid said the vehicle is still useful and has not been costing the city much in repairs.

"It's one that Chief (Fire Chief Dave Schutte) and I can both utilize for their needs and our needs," Reid said. "And we have the space for it. It's been well taken care of. It's still in good shape. We still have a use for it. So we wanted to hang on to it."

Camanche City Administrator Andrew Kida said the police department squad car purchase is budgeted, stating some of the funding for it comes out of the equipment fund the police department sets aside for every year. The police department budgets $20,000 a year into that fund and did not purchase a vehicle last year. Kida said that when the city puts the money in the fund this year there will be $60,000 in the fund, stating there will be money left over after the purchase of the squad car.