Camanche preparing for increased traffic from LyondellBasell turnaround

CLINTON — Local law-enforcement agencies are working with LyondellBasell to prepare for the Lyondell turnaround, which will bring over 1,000 contractors to the area.

LyondellBasell is planning to bring anywhere from 1,400 to 1,600 contractors to the Clinton and Camanche area to handle the workload.

Camanche Police Chief Colin Reid said the anticipated dates for the turnaround are the end of July through the middle to end of September. Reid said officers from the Clinton Police Department, Camanche Police Department and Clinton County Sheriff's Office will work traffic detail twice a day at 4:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. as shifts come and go from work. Reid said the Iowa State Patrol will not work in an overtime capacity but will have more presence in the area to help enforce traffic laws and keep people safe.

Reid said one concern for the city is increased traffic on Dunn Road.

"We can't really restrict Dunn Road once we let them out," Reid said. "We're encouraging them to come through Camanche and get on the bypass but we will have folks doing that. And then of course you have school bus traffic from the city of Clinton going in and out of the bus barn...Any of those intersections along (Highway) 30 are a concern. And certainly we're going to see a lot of out-of-state traffic that aren't used to our roads, our speed limits, our restrictions. So we're going to try to have increased enforcement in Camanche."

The time absorbed during the turnaround and the fee for use of vehicles will be charged to LyondellBasell.

"There's a fee for the vehicles. A fee for the officers," Reid said. "And they're purchasing a lot of equipment for us, cones, and the DOT is getting electronic sign placement. And the nice thing about this event is they're able to actually change the messages on the sign from the state by just making a phone call. So if traffic conditions change or something, we can change those signs very quickly...They already have a great system in place for parking and they've extended their parking lots. We're really hopeful for a smooth ramp up to turnaround and a safe one. There always can be issues but I certainly, as chief, feel we have to be out there helping with that."

Camanche City Administrator Andrew Kida said the city will need to amend the budget because the council did not account for spending overtime money.

"We will also amend the revenue side to show that money coming in so it should all balance out," Kida said.