CAMANCHE — The City of Camanche will proceed with a grant application to potentially construct a roundabout at Seventh Avenue and U.S. 67 in Camanche.

The Camanche City Council voted 5-0 to authorize filing a grant application with the Iowa Department of Transportation for traffic safety improvement funding for the roundabout. Mayor Pro Tem Paul Varner stressed the city has made no decision on whether to build a roundabout at Seventh Avenue and U.S. 67. The city was up against a deadline to submit the grant application, Varner said.

“If we do approve it down the road, and I’m saying if we do approve it, then we would have money already there waiting to use it,” Varner said.

The funds, if approved and utilized by the city, would be for use in fiscal year 2022, City Administrator Andrew Kida said.

City Engineer Dan Solchenberger said the funds the city is pursuing would come through the Transportation Safety Improvement Program. The funding can be used for intersection safety design improvements, for which roundabouts are included, Solchenberger said. The initial study suggested a roundabout is the most feasible option for Seventh Avenue and U.S. 67, Solchenberger added.

Kida said a four-way stop was the cheapest option for the city. However, it was not recommended because of the volume of traffic on the highway, Kida said. The single-lane roundabout was estimated to cost between $700,000 and $850,000, Kida stated.

He added it was about the same cost to put in a right-turn lane plus auxiliary left-turn lanes. This option does not eliminate high-speed impacts for people trying to cross the highway on Seventh Avenue, Kida said.

The TSIP grant can award up to $500,000 in funding. The city may also pursue a Urban-State Traffic Engineering Program grant. The city could receive up to $200,000 in funding for the U-STEP grant, Solchenberger said. The grant is 55% state funded with a 45% city match to cover construction costs.