Camanche increase ambulance fees

CAMANCHE— Ambulance fees will increase for the first time since they were implemented 10 years ago.

A resolution approved by the Camanche City Council Tuesday calls for an increase to $607 for basic life support emergency service. The rate was previously set at $507.

Advanced life support, level one emergency service, was increased to $720 from $600, and the rate for advanced life support, level two emergency service increased from $650 to $1,043. Advanced life support, non-transport, went from $150 to $200.

The rates for basic life support, non emergency service, advanced life support, non-emergency service and charge per load mile were not changed.

The city also approved an ordinance amendment stating the schedule of ambulance service fees will be established by resolution of the city council. The ordinance says fees for ambulance services have not changed since they were adopted in 2009, and the expenses for services has increased.

The City Council voted 5-0 to approve the ordinance amending Chapter 3-5-14 of the Camanche Code of Ordinances for ambulance service fees and the resolution setting the fees.