Camanche to increase security at city facilities

CAMANCHE — The Camanche City Council directed City Administrator Andrew Kida to obtain additional bids for security cameras at the city community center.

Lectronics, Inc., submitted a bid of $5,136 to the city for a video and security system at the community center and city hall. Kida said the city budgeted $45,000 in the capital fund for the community center for the community center parking lot. Kida said the parking lot bid came in at $32,000, citing additional funds left that the city may spend. The plan also calls for one camera at city hall, which would be mounted outside of the building.

"We discussed getting a security system, a video system, installed at the community center with the recent issues that we had had. This is beyond my spending capacity to authorize so I brought it to council. There's money set aside to improve the community center and we consider this to be appropriate just for our own protection and liability."

Kida said the security system would feed back to city hall and be accessible from a handheld device or any computer. Kida said no one with the city will be monitoring the security camera feed to see what's going on there on a regular basis. He said if something happens someone from the city will be able to go back and see what happens. He believes the city will want to have a monitor on site at the community center to be able to view at the site or remotely at city hall.

"I do believe this is necessary," Kida said. "Some security surveillance system is necessary not just to protect our property inside but to protect us from claims of slips, falls, shenanigans on the outside. And it doesn't have to be people from the facility renting that facility to create shenanigans outside. It can be passersby at any given day. And we have no recourse. We have no ability to go back and see who it was because it's not a staffed building."

Camanche Mayor Trevor Willis said the city had numerous people disobey community center rules by taping things on the walls. He added the walls are beat up from chairs and tables, stating they have discussed putting a chair rail around the entire building.

Councilman Brent Brightman asked if the city has records of who is damaging the property based on rentals. Kida said the city does not inspect the space after each rental.

"We don't inspect every inch of the space every time," Kida said. "It's not feasible to mark every mark on the wall or every nick on the wall. People put thumb tacks in the wall when they're not supposed to. There's all kinds of that stuff going on... We don't have the staffing to go investigate after each party because the parties are happening Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday. So we'd have to have people go and inspect Saturday night or Sunday morning before a Sunday event happens."

Brightman and Councilwoman Amber Metzger supported Kida obtaining another bid.