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CAMANCHE — Camanche city officials continue to address concerns as they consider amending the ordinance for golf carts, snowmobiles, off-road utility vehicles and lawn mowers.

Camanche Mayor Trevor Willis, who was not present during the council’s last discussion regarding the ordinance, asked how the council decided not to limit snowmobile use to certain times of day. He referenced how loud snowmobiles are and asked if the council wants them running all night long or if they want them to follow the city’s noise ordinance, which takes effect at 10 p.m.

Councilwoman Amber Metzger said the open timeframe was offered to allow citizens to ride snowmobile when there is snow on the ground.

“It was brought up that snowmobiling is tough, so when it snows you go,” Metzger said. “So if it’s at 11 o’clock at night, and we’ve got snow, they want to be able to just get on and go. Which I can understand,” she said.

“But I can also understand [that] opening up and not putting a time frame on it could be a problem as well,” Metzger said. “Plus, if you’ve got the noise ordinance that says 10 p.m., I think it’s going to kind of be tough to police that too.”

Camanche Police Chief Colin Reid said policing under the noise ordinance would be difficult; police only react to complaints.

“If people complain, we go and talk and try to make a resolution,” Reid said. “If we have to, we enforce what laws and ordinances we have.”

Councilman Paul Varner asked why there was nothing about insurance in the proposed ordinance. “I can understand not lawn mowers,” Varner said. “I mean, you’re going from your place over to your mom’s to mow the lawn. That’s one thing. But unless I didn’t read this right or something, I didn’t see anything about insurance.”

Councilman Brent Brightman said the committee discussed insurance, and if the ordinance does not include insurance, the city needs to have the requirement in the ordinance.

Willis said he thinks homeowner’s insurance covers lawn mowers but questioned whether they are covered if they are traveling on a roadway.

City Attorney Randy Current said lawn mowers are not considered motor vehicles under the state code according to the Iowa Attorney General’s Office.

“I have certainly not read and reviewed anybody’s automobile insurance coverage, but I don’t think that there is any minimum liability requirement statutory minimum liability requirements for liability insurance for lawn mowers. I don’t really know how you would insure one on the streets.”

City officials also discussed the permitting process for the various vehicles in the ordinance. Reid said citizens looking to get a permit for a vehicle in the ordinance can apply to the city. The price of the permits will be determined by resolution.

The city did not take action on the proposed ordinance.