CCDA allocates $100,000 to Unity Christian project

CLINTON — The Clinton County Development Association approved a portion of a request from Unity Christian School officials for funds to help the school with a proposed new school build.

Unity Christian School requested the Clinton County Development Association contribute $500,000 to the school to assist in building a $5.7 million, 45,000-square-foot building in Clinton. The proposed project, if completed, will allow enrollment at the school – which is now located in Fulton, Illinois – to double.

"Our committee consisted of myself, Tom (Fullerton), Peg (Wolf) and Dave (Sivright)," Board Director Brigham Tubbs said. "We had several meetings. One of those was with Dee Willoughby and (Unity Christian School Principal) Chris Pluister. You may recall we had some open discussion about that at our last board meeting. And I think we were purposeful and helpful in coming up with a recommendation here. So we would like to suggest that we make the pledge to Unity Christian for $100,000 for the new building project."

Tubbs suggested the CCDA order payment in two installments at $50,000 each. The first payment would occur after Unity Christian hits the 80 percent mark for the project and wants to begin construction. The second $50,000 would be paid to Unity Christian at the completion of the project. Tubbs recommended the CCDA pull the money out of future grant pools. Board Director Matt Stammeyer suggested the CCDA take the first $50,000 out of the directors' fund if it needs to be paid this fiscal year.

"I like that plan better also to take the first $50(,000) out of directors' choice if they're able to get their 80 percent and put a shovel in the ground," CCDA Vice President Les Shields said. "Take it out of directors' choice. Next year we can look at taking it out of the general pools."

Wolf stated Unity Christian has an "internal sunset clause" for the project.

The CCDA approved a motion allocating $100,000 to Unity Christian School for the construction project.