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Do you have special childhood memories? Do certain buildings or smells bring a smile to your face?

For me, libraries trigger special thoughts and senses.

I grew up on a farm near Fulton. It was a great day when my Mom and I would drive to the Fulton Public Library so I could stock up on books to bury my head in, leave the farm, and go on exciting adventures with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Libraries are filled with adventures, knowledge and memories.

When I grew up I knew I needed to continue to be surrounded by books and learning. I became a teacher. The most important quality I hoped my students could develop was a love for reading. My students loved to read fiction and nonfiction. It was always hard to get them to put books away. My prayer is that they are still reading.

Our Clinton Public Library is a warm, welcoming home filled with books, movies and books on tape. Computers are available. Our Clinton library has a Maker Space Lab. Our young people can be involved in game design and robotics. Our library is part of the 21st Century. We have a used book store. Our staff is thinking of new offerings for our patrons.

Our library is a welcoming place with a helpful, friendly staff who are ready to serve. Come and see.

Judy Carstensen