DNR investigates manure spill in Clinton County

FULTON, Illinois — The city of Fulton has agreed to commit $35,000 for the construction of a bicycle bridge and the paving of a bicycle trail along Fourth Street.

The Fulton City Council on Monday approved a request for construction of a $25,000 bicycle bridge, which the proposal called for on Fourth Street, and $10,000 for paving of a bicycle trail along Fourth Street between 18th and 19th avenues. The funding will be drawn from fund 36, which is the city's parks fund. Fulton City Public Works Director Dan Clark said the bicycle bridge will be placed on 24th Avenue as a crossing trail.

There is currently no structure that can be used to cross the storm water ditch that goes under Fourth Street. Bicyclists traveling on Fourth Street are required to leave the bicycle path and drive on Fourth Street to get over the drain tube. They then reenter the bike path. One block of bicycle trail is needed to be paved in order to complete the path.

Fulton City Council Alderwoman Barb Mask on Monday stated the tourism committee has previously discussed the bicycle bridge and trail improvements.

"This is something we talked about at the tourism committee for a lot of years because we have a lot of bicycle people who come in and it's dangerous to have them veer off the path and get on that street and back again," Mask said. "So it's been a long time on our list of things to do."

The Fulton City Council voted 7-0 in favor of committing the funds for the construction of the bicycle path and for the paving of the bicycle trail. Alderwoman Sue Van Kampen was absent.