city of clinton building and neighborhood services

Aug. 30

David A. Lutton, 753 13th Ave. S.. residential roof tear-off, architectural.

Wild Rose Clinton, LLC., 777 Wild Rose Dr., new commercial accessory building.

Walter I. Revels and and Leafia L. Dannatt, 847 13th Av. S., residential detached garage.

Sharon S. Stevenson, 1035 16th Ave. NW, residential roof tear-off, architectural.

Michael R. and Cynthia K. Ramig, 619 13th Ave. N., residential water heater.

Michelle L. Kramer, 714 Park Pl., residential roof tear-off, shingle.

Alicia A. Manning, 1930 N. Sixth St., residential exterior renovation.

Thomas L. and Eileen R. Naughton, 727 Eighth Ave. S., residential furnace.

Benjamin and Sarah Erwin, 85 Main Ave., commercial interior remodel.

Margaret E. Buech, 2301 McKinley St., C. O., owner change.

Aug. 31

Meline Shirley, 1728 Pershing Blvd., residential boiler replacement.

Lodge N. 363 Loyal Order of Moose, Clinton, 1936 Lincoln Way, commercial roof install.

CR Clinton, LLC., 1377 11th St. NW, commercial roof install.

Carver Hardware Real Estate Inc., 419 Seventh Ave. S., commercial install roof.

Karen L. Mueller, 749 First Ave., residential vinyl siding.

Keystone Inc., 811 Seventh Ave. S., residential deck.

Steven G. And Frances Luett, 2715 N. 12th St., residential flat work.

Terrah and Alexandria Castro, 1643 Seventh Ave. S., residential water heater.

Francis J. Horan Jr., 2705 Cleveland St., residential vinyl siding.

Thomas E. and Laurie A. Wolf, 711 Sixth Ave. S., residential electric.

John Stiles, 260 21st Ave. N., electrical.

Debbie J. Ammeter, 800 Pershing Blvd., residential roof tear-off, architectural.

Sept. 1

Frank W. and Kay M. Martin, 2011 Harrison Dr., residential tear-off, architectural.

Marvin L. Lundquist, 706 12th Ave. S., residential air conditioning.

Tamara Sue Olsen, 1115 Second Ave. S., residential air conditioning.

William C. And Nancy L. Peart, 2128 Garfield St., residential air conditioning.

Marvin Lee and Lavonne Catherine Thompson, 2228 Pershing Blvd., residential water heater.

Alysse Trenkamp, 2724 Garfield St., residential fence.

Robert L. and Shirley Card, 616 N. Fourth St., residential water heater.

Thomas J. Stutzel, 813 Ninth Ave., S., residential water heater.

Robyn Smith, 3126 Roosevelt St., residential roof tear-off, architectural.

Edward and Jeanne O’Malley, 242 18th Pl., residential water heater.

Jerome E. Legel, 3018 N. Second St., residential water heater.

414 First Ave. LLC, 414 First Ave., residential water heater.

Nancy L. Sanders-Carter, 2552 Camache Ave., garage demolition.

David M. Nelson, 13th Ave. N. and Springdale, commercial electric.

Daniel and Stella Holmes, 2708 N. 11th St., residential siding.

Sept. 2

GTP Acquisition Partners II LL., 1401 N. 11sthSt., commercial cell tower.

David E. and Melinda G. James, 707 Seventh Ave. S., residential furnace and air conditioning.

Alyce A. Haring, 3005 Tower Rd., residential air conditioning.

Kathy Ann Paasch, 1911 Roosevelt St., residential water heater.

Timothy Terrock, 248 30th Ave. N., residential air conditioning.

Ronda J. Rannow, 2131 Iowa Ave., residential water heater.

Rita L. Pray Hunt, 1000 14th Ave. S., residential siding tear-off, vinyl.

Rita L. Pray Hunt, 1000 14th Ave. S., residential exterior remodel.

James L. and Joan M. Harms, 1515 N. Third St., 1515 N. Third St., residential water heater.

Adam R. and Melissa M. Lewis, 714 12th Ave., S., residential siding.

John W. and Janet K. Susie., 914 13th Ave. S., residential water heater.

Clinton Community School District, 3201 Lincoln Way, demolish two buildings.

Joseph Lowry, 432 Second Ave. S., demolish house.

Sept. 3

Michael J. and Janice K. Wilson, 2377 S. 14th St., residential roof tear-off, architectural.

Sept. 6

Matthew J. Farrell and Andrea R. Mullaley-Farrell, 1104 Willany Dr., residential fence.

Marilyn Sethness, trustee, 250 Woodlawn Ct., residential fence.

Kennie Sparks and Jennifer Schumacher, 2001 Glendale Rd., residential fence.

Kyle and Natalie Fullick, 2009 Roosevelt St., residential fence.

Jamie Glover, 2721 N. 13th St., residential fence.

Timothy S. And Shari L. Determan, 1509 Spring Valley Ln., residential fence.

Donald R. and Gloria Putnam, 1117 N. Fifth St., residential fence.

Sherie Melton, 1123 27th Ave. N., residential fence.

Rebecca Conley, 1001 Ninth Ave. N., residential fence.

Nathan Buikema, 105 Lawrence St., residential fence.

Stephanie D. Edfors and Gregory S. Edfors, 3525 N. Third St., residential fence.

Ruby A. Matthrew, 814 13th Ave. N., B4 UB, residential fence.

Dillon Resh, 930 S. 32nd St., residential fence.

Cody Hale, 703 Tower Rd., residential fence.

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