city of clinton building and neighborhood services

May 24

•Andra L. Spencer and Handy B. Ehredt, 2209 N. Sixth St., residential air conditioning.

•Joseph E. and Lavoi L. Dannatt, 1663 S. Buff Blvd., residential furnace and air conditioning.

•Timothy and Jill McDonald, 613 33rd Ave. N., residential water heater.

•Norbert F. and Lorraine L. Barry, 819 Millcrest Ct., residential water heater.

•James Ferguson, 539 Orchard Ct., residential roof tear-off, architectural.

•Jeffrey R. and Jane Hallman, 3400 McKinley St., residential chainlink fence.

•James W. and Kimberly A. Crow, 2422 Cleveland St., residential basement waterproofing.

•Joseph J. Goodsman, 639 First Ave., demolition.

•Billie Zimmerman, 751 12th Ave. S., demolition.

•Harry Gilbert, 706 N. 12th St., residential basement waterproofing.

•Jeffery and Nancy Doyle, 330 23rd Pl., siding.

•Larry A. Partin, 265 33rd Ave. N., residential siding.

May 25

•Lucille A. Mevin, 2311 Eight St. NW, residential water heater.

•Peter A. and Tara L. Sirna, 603 Main Ave. residential vinyl privacy and picket fence.

•Susan J. Donahue, 1630 Fairway Dr., residential pool.

•No name (title held by Justin B. Martin and Lisa D. Martin), 201 Whispering Pines, residential chicken coop OK’d by Matt Brooke.

•Victory Center Ministries, Inc., 516 Ninth Ave. S., residential deck.

•Carol M. Spencer, 414 Sixth Ave. N., residential roof tear-off, shingle.

•Darwin and Michelle Johnson, 638 35th Ave. N. Ct., residential dwelling

May 26

•Robert L. Kuehl, 1611 Crestline Dr., residential roof tear-off, architectural.

•Benjamin A. Kane and Kayla P. Brewer, 605 Meadowview Dr., residential roof tear-off, architectural.

•Samaritan Health System, Inc., 1410 N. Fourth St., commercial interior remodel.

•Bradley D. Philbrick, 2528 McKinley St., residential renovation.

•Ryan E. and Kimberly J. Weaver, 3421 N. Second St., residential pool.

•Donald G. McDermott, 234 17th Pl., residential water heater.

•Gary J. Smith, 2514 Grant St., residential electrical.

•Bradley D. Philbrick, 2528 McKinley St., residential siding.

•Mercy Medical Center PMI, 514 15th Ave. N., residential roof tear-off, architectural.

•Golf Management Systems, LLC., 118 30th Ave. N., residential roof tear-off, architectural.

•Thomas Hodina, 1913 Pershing Blvd., residential roof tear-off, shingle.

•Mars Rentals, LLC, 707 Ninth Ave. S., residential electric.

•Jody L. Foster, 716 S. 17th St., residential pool.

May 27

•Jerry J. Davin, 400 N. Fourth St., residential water heater.

•Damien and Amy Martinez, 427 Seventh Ave. N., residential furnace and air-conditioning.

•Matthew and Faye Buelow, 538 Breezy Point, Dr., residential roof tear-off.

•Jorge Land Rodriguez and Norma Landa Rodriguez, 540 Fourth Ave. S., residential deck.

•Mary E. West Jaeger, 220 Myra Pl., residential roof, shingle over.

•David and Judith Buelow, 835 Fifth Ave. S., residential fence.

•Aaron Wilhelm, 2306 N. Eighth St., 30-by-30 garage floor.

•Allen D. and Patricia M. Reynolds, 618 Scenic Dr., residential water heater.

•Stacey L. Jordan, 75 22nd. Ave. N., residential, install larger windows.

•James T. Randleman, 1627 Harrison Dr., residential, C.O. for home-based business.

•Clinton National Bank, 247 Sixth Ave. S., commercial water heater.

•Gong Benmei and Bevan Paarmann, 2316 Camanche Ave., commercial electric.

May 28

•Lucille J. Woodard, 414 Fifth Ave. N., residential metal roof.

•Nicolas and Dezirea Stratton, 2327 Eighth St. NW., residential fence.

•Allen J. and Tammy M. George, 421 N. Fifth St., residential roof tear-off, architectural.

•Danny N. and Gloria G. Sheldon, 1103 Fourth Ave. N., residential water heater.

•Colleen Rick and Michael T. Waller, 1805 N. Third St., residential electric.

•Paul V. and William A Davis, 36 Third Ave. S., residential water heater.

•No name (title held by JDP Investments, LLC, doing business as Stubborn Mule), 252 Main Ave., temporary outdoor seating area.

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