city of clinton building and neighborhood services

Oct. 4

Sterling Federal Bank, 1001 N. Third St., residential furnace.

Gary Susie, 408 First Ave., residential vinyl siding.

Dawn M. Juist, 733 Eighth Ave. S., residential furnace.

Benchmark Holdings LLC, 305 N. 13th St., residential siding, tear-off, vinyl.

Grant Cole, 706 11th Ave. S., residential roof tear-off, architectural.

Lynette K. Schmidt, 736 Sixth Ave. S., residential roof tear-off, architectural.

Eagle Point Realty LLC, 616 N. Fifth St. residential roof tear-off, architectural.

Luann and Curtis Brewington, 402 N. 13th St., residential roof tear-off, architectural.

Steven D. and Jo Lynn Pelham, 2414 Garfield St., residential roof tear-off, architectural.

Linda and Carl Kaup, 512 Main Ave., residential siding tear-off, vinyl.

Ronald L. and Darlene R. Graves, 1004 N. Second St., residential roof tear-off, architectural.

Denise Mussman, 1152 Briarcliff Ln., residential six-foot wood fence.

Kim Huntley, 1215 S. Ninth St., residential deck in front yard.

No name (title held by Interstate Power and Light Company), 120 17th Place, new commercial building, electrical substation

Prk1927 LLC, Lincoln Meadows LLC, 5000 Lincoln Way, residential electric, re-energize lots 21, 116, 153, 164.

Edward H. and M. J. Kershner, 2107 West Ct., residential deck.

Oct. 5

Charles and Karen Johnson, 1314 14th Ave. S., residential metal roof over one layer.

Patrick and Alicia Clark, 1324 Ninth St. NW, residential pool receptacle and power.

Donald G. and Mary E. Goodridge, 2670 Willadsen Dr., residential metal roof over one layer.

Rick J. Bull, 1025 Grandview Dr., residential water heater.

Patrick Darby, 220 22nd Ave. N., residential roof tear-off, architectural.

Casey Clark, 829 Sixth Ave. N., residential renovation, gut interior to stud.

Rebecca L. Peck, 3230 Tower Ct., residential furnace.

Oct. 6

Charles N. Rife, 233 Thorwaldsen Pl., residential waterproofing.

Cynthia D. Schay, 331 First Ave., residential window replacements.

Martha E. Lyle, 900 N. 11th St., residential deck.

Henry W. and Michelle Fullick, 1216 N. Seventh St., residential steel over one layer.

Adam Smith and Kelly Goodsman-Smith, 1600 Sixth Ave. S., residential steel roof tear-off.

Ali S. and Dana Vitullo Albaghdadi, 1027 Second Ave. S., new residential accessory building.

No name, no address, commercial electrical service.

Oct. 7

Bill Willford, 861 Ninth Ave. N., new residential dwelling.

Michael D. Outzen, 1800 23rd Ave. S., residential roof tear-off, architectural.

Joseph G. and Barbara J. Peters, 2233 13th Ave. S., residential roof tear-off, architectural.

Bill Willford, 909 Riverstone Rd., new residential dwelling.

Timothy Angel, 610 S. Fifth St., residential water heater.

Team Halo, 434 Ninth Ave. S., residential water heater.

Oct. 8

David A. and Susan J. Everson, 508 N. 13th St., waiting payment.

Jeffrey E. and Joyce A. Vath, 3114 Skyline Dr., residential fence.

Kalin R. and Karlyn R. Fink, 2301 12th Ae. S., residential roof.

Dwayne R. and Penny S. Geronzin, 534 Ninth Ave. S., residential roof.

APMS LLC Series 2, 1325 11th Ave. S., new commercial building, mini-storage faciity.

Merle S. and Mary Lou Leab, 926 14th Ave. S., residential roof.

Mary McMahon, 2415 Barker St., 926 14th Ave. S., roof.

William and Stacy Strait, 311 N. 11th St., residential roof.

Bernard and Molly Zajicek, 565 34th Ave. N., residential furnace and air-conditioning.

Marilyn D. and Bonnie E. Jackson, 1056 15th Ave. S., residential furnace and air-conditioning.

Kelly A. Carnes, 2356 Wallace St., residential furnace.

Richard H. and Andrea E. Eggers, 1212 N. Fifth St., residential furnace and air-conditioning.

Jeffrey A. and Stephanie L. Denbesten, 601 Green Hills Dr., residential roof tear-off, architectural.

James D. and Terrie R. McGuire, 604 Melrose Ct., residential roof tear-off, architectural.

Cody J. Seeley, 1601 Second Ave. S., residential roof.

Linda Waddell, 3101 Roosevelt St., residential water heater.

Sharon Enwright, 2919 N. Third St., residential water heater.

APMS LC Series 24, 1801 S. 21st St., residential water heater.

James Coon, 512 11th Ave. S., residential water heater.

Linda Waddell, 2214 Roosevelt St., new residential electric.

Valley Bluff, 2570 Gardner Drive, new commercial building, 11-unit, single story.

Valley Bluff, 2605 Patriot Lane, new commercial building, multi-family housing, five-unit, two-story.

Laurelle L. Cox and Daryl Behrens, 1327 Pershing Blvd., residential water heater.

Van Meter Inc., 2020 Lincoln Way, commercial electric.

John T. Schluns, 515 N. 10th St., pool in front yard.

Lyons Creek Apartments, 2604 N. Fourth St., residential furnace #1905.

Lyons Creek Apartments, 2604 N. Fourth St., residential water heater #1907.

Lyons Creek Apartments LLC, 2604 N. Fourth St., residential furnace #1955.

Achievement LLC, 2850 Valley West Dr., commercial plumbing.

Brian E. and Pamela W. Luckritz, 353 22nd Pl, residential furnace and air-conditioning.

Nestle Purina, 2200 Manufacturing Dr., industrial electric, install new 25Kv. service upgrade.

Nestle Purina, 2200 Manufacturing Dr., Zoning Board of Adjustment, M-3 height requirement to exceed 100 feet.

Tyler L. Jensen, 125 Fifth Ave. S., appeal to Zoning Board of Adjustment for use variance.

Kenneth R. and Karen Jackson, 827 Seventh Ave. S., residential basement waterproofing.

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