Clinton County reaches 55% voter turnout

CLINTON — In an election with the highest turnout in Clinton County since 1990, according to unofficial election returns, two open seats for the Clinton County Board of Supervisors and one open seat in Iowa House District 97 will be filled by Republican candidates.

Republicans also won the State Senate District 49 seat and the Clinton County Treasurer position.

In the Board of Supervisors race, incumbent Clinton County Supervisor Dan Srp won re-election to the board, receiving 9,244 votes, the most among the three candidates. Republican Jim Irwin Jr. was elected to his first term on the board with 8,620 votes. Democrat Kurt Dreger received 7,622 votes.

Srp, who this year is finishing his first term on the Board of Supervisors, said Wednesday that he is appreciative of the voters' support to elect him to a second four-year term. Srp's focus in the next term includes addressing county issues relating to substance abuse and mental health issues. He also wants to increase the county's efforts in economic development.

Irwin, of DeWitt, served on the Central DeWitt School Board for 11 years during the time major building projects took place in that district. He owns three businesses and is a native of Clinton County. He is taking the seat of current Supervisors Chairman Shawn Hamerlinck.

Hamerlinck decided to run for the county treasurer position in the primary election. Hamerlinck lost the Republican primary to Clinton County Treasurer Rhonda McIntyre, who was re-elected Tuesday by defeating Democratic challenger Emily Gipe. McIntyre received 10,894 total votes compared with Gipe’s 7,092.

Irwin will serve his first term on the board beginning in January. Irwin, like Srp, believes economic development should be a focus of the county over the next four years. Irwin said he also wants to focus on having a better working relationship between the Supervisors and the County Treasurer's Office.

Irwin in the months preceding the election has attended board meetings and several committee meetings to prepare for joining the Board of Supervisors. He has attended meetings of the Clinton County Conservation Board, Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency, Pioneer Cemetery Board and mental health meetings on two occasions.

Republican Norlin Mommsen won re-election for his third term to represent Iowa House District 97. Mommsen defeated Democratic challenger Tim McClimon by over 1,000 votes. Mommsen, according to unofficial election returns, received 7,576 votes, while McClimon garnered 6,317 votes.

Mommsen received 4,054 votes in Clinton County, while McClimon had 3,878 votes among all Clinton County voters, according to unofficial election returns.

Mommsen said he is honored to be selected by 97th District voters to serve another term. Mommsen said he has been active in addressing water quality and maintaining stable budgeting, believing the unofficial election returns show he is doing what his constituents want.

He added that one major focus for the Clinton area over his next term will be the Clinton hotel-motel tax.

He said he is hopeful that by working with Chris Cournoyer, a Republican from LeClaire who won election to the Iowa Senate District 49 seat Tuesday, and others in the Senate, "we can get it done."

Clinton County Auditor Eric Van Lancker said that, according to unofficial election returns, there was a 55 percent voter turnout for the 2018 midterm election. He said the turnout is the most the county has seen for a midterm election since 1990, when the county saw almost the same amount of voters come out to the polls. Clinton County in 2014 and 2010 midterm elections recorded a voter turnout of around 51 percent. The 2006 midterm voter turnout was about 53 percent.

Vote totals for Iowa House, Iowa Senate contests

Senate District 49

Chris Cournoyer, Republican, 13,294 - 53 percent

Patti Robinson, Democrat, 11,889 - 47 percent

District 97

Norlin Mommsen, Republican, (i) 7,576 - 53 percent

Tim McClimon, Democrat, 6,317 - 44 percent

David Melchert, Libertarian, 359 - 3 percent