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On Tuesday, Nov. 5, you have the opportunity to elect Clinton’s mayor for the next four years.

We need a mayor with a proven record of dedication, accomplishment and experience. That person is our current mayor Mark Vulich. Mark is a life-long resident of Clinton who has given unselfishly of his time and knowledge for the betterment of our city.

People may think that the mayor’s role is about kissing babies and cutting ribbons; therefore, anybody can be Mayor. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Today the role of mayor is COO (Chief Operating Officer). The mayor oversees and runs the council meetings. The mayor works with the owners and managers of all the businesses in Clinton to understand their needs. The mayor attends meetings between the departments of city government and ... with Clinton County government officials.

When a new business wants to come to town, they expect to speak to the mayor. As an example, the mayor has had many meetings with officials from the new prison in Thomson.

All citizens of Clinton expect the mayor to be available to speak to them concerning their issues. A large amount of time is spent working with state and federal representatives as well as attending meetings in Des Moines. The mayor also participates in the Capital Improvement Program, determining where the citizens want their hard earned money spent.

The position of mayor has grown into almost a full time job representing the city. This became very evident when the council voted to increase the pay because of the hours the mayor must spend representing the city.

Voting for our present mayor, Mark Vulich, is a very wise choice for the future of Clinton and eastern Iowa. Vulich’s experience with city government began several years ago when he was elected to serve on the city council for two terms. Following that, he has served as mayor for two consecutive terms. During his tenure he has overseen many positive changes for our city.

In addition, Vulich has developed valuable relationships with fellow mayors in our area and throughout the state. He has a working relationship with government officials, including our representatives and governor. These relationships are extremely valuable when it comes to advocating for the city of Clinton.

Clinton is improving every day. Let’s keep the momentum going. Your vote is extremely important in the re-election of Mark Vulich as Clinton’s mayor.

Samuel Camacho, Clinton