FULTON, Ill. – Creative Design Werx is a fairly new business in Fulton, Illinois. It had its grand opening June 15 and is ready to serve the public.

“We have gotten a few more inquiries after the grand opening, but primarily word of mouth has gotten the store where it is today,” said owner Robert Miller last week.

Creative Design Werx can do many things, such as computer numerical control machining, custom engraving and sublimation. “We personalize for the customers, so really it's hard to explain what all we can do, and I think that’s probably one of my biggest challenges,” said Miller.

When people walk into Creative Design Werx, they see what all can be personalized, Miller said, but what they see in the store is just a small portion of all the things they can do at Creative Design Werx.

“People come in and they look around and probably think, what are they really looking at? They are looking at stuff that already has stuff on it, but those are just examples of what we can do with it.” said Miller.

“If they bring in pictures, we have a software application where we can put those onto my computer and then I can put those pictures on coffee mugs, plaques, etc. It just goes on and on and on, it just doesn’t end. So how do you really convey that to somebody, is probably my biggest challenge," Miller said.

Miller gave an example of one of the many things he can do at the store. “So for kitchenware, if you have oven mitts and want them personalized, I can put pictures on them or wording. I did one that says “Nana’s helping hands” and the handprints on the mitt are actually handprints from a grandchild. They brought in a picture of their handprints, and I scanned those in, and then I printed their actual handprints on the oven mitts.”

Miller does all the work right in the store, and he does all the programming, designing, and machinery himself. Miller has been doing this kind of stuff for a very long time, he said.

“I actually had been running a machinery business out of my house since 2001, and before that I was doing job shop machining.” said Miller. “Then I wanted to get away from job shop machining and start getting into custom parts that I design and sell because you have more control over it. I mean you control everything.

"I then got into custom harley parts, and from that, it grew into what it is today.”

Examples on display at Creative Design Werx include tumblers, mugs, coat racks, clocks, picture frames, Harley parts, cooking supplies, slate signs, trophies, check book cases, blankets, koozies, portfolios, baby supplies and pet supplies.

Creative Design Werx can personalize items for special occasions, too, such as weddings, benefits, businesses, Christmas, anniversaries, retirements, Father's Day, Mother's Day and prom.

“An item you could personalize for prom could be a puzzle," Miller said. "Then when they finish putting the puzzle together it could read, 'Prom?' That is just a simple example of what they could do with that.”

Miller has plans for the store's future. He hopes to get the Creative Design Werx website up soon and would like to host a kids day. “This is where kids can come in and draw pictures and have fun. Then if the parents want I can put the drawings their kids made on a t-shirt for them.” said Miller.

Why should people come to his store? “Because a customer can come in and sit down and say, hey, I got this event, I got this picture or something personal to them. Then we can take that and put it on what they want right here in the store," Miller said.

"I don't send that out. So it's that one-on-one, come in, sit down, tell me what you want, what your expectations are, and we give it to them. So you can do it right here.

"So I think that's the biggest thing," Miller said.

For answers to questions about Creative Design Werx, call 815-208-7341 or email sales@creativedesignwerx.com. Creative Design Werx is located at 1212 3rd Street Suite 1 in Fulton.