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CLINTON — As July is coming to an end, forecasters say so are the hot and humid days, at least over the next week.

Meteorologists are predicting a cold front will swing across the Gateway area, with a slight chance of rain or an isolated thunderstorm during the day.

After the cold front passes, a cooler and drier weather pattern will follow. Tom Philip, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in the Quad-Cities, said we should expect quiet and comfortable weather over the next several days, thanks to a shift in the weather pattern.

“Behind the cold front, things will be drying out,” Philip said. “We’re going to be in a Northwest flow pattern for a while, which will keep us on the cooler side. We can’t rule out chances of rain, but there will be low chances of rain.”

With cooler and drier weather settling in, the chance of a potential drought increases. Right now, the Gateway area is in the D-0 category on the Drought Monitor, which means abnormally dry. Over the next seven to 10 days, rain chances are minimum or next to none. Philip said it is something people should keep an eye on because a drought could be on the horizon.

“We can’t rule it out,” Philip said. “Any lack of moisture and we will only be evaporating during that time frame. So it could dry things out a little bit there into the extended forecast. Definitely something to watch.”

As July closes on a cooler note, James Blaess, Clinton-area weather observer, said the month was very typical. Though it started out dry in July, Blaess mentioned that when it comes down to totals and averages, things leveled off.

“We got a real big rain Sunday evening,” Blaess said. “We got 2 inches of rain that night. That brought our monthly total up to 3.88 inches, which now puts us above normal for the month, which is 3.60 inches.”

Blaess said so far for the year Clinton has received 20.49 inches of precipitation, and the average amount for the first seven months of the year is 20.51 inches. Blaess said there is no doubt about it, July was dry but the last-minute rainstorm Sunday kept things in balance.

Typically in July, Clinton sees about six, 90-degree days, but so far this month, the area has had eight of them. There are no 90-degree days in the forecast over the next seven days. But, Blaess said, that does not mean summer is over quite yet.

“Normally in August we have four, 90-degree days,” Blaess said. “But over the last four years in August, we have not had one 90-degree day.”

Looking ahead, forecasters say high temperatures from Thursday through Sunday will be right around the 80-degree mark across the Gateway area. Low temperatures will range from the mid-50s to lower 60s during that time. Additionally, another cool down is on tap to start the work week next week, with highs in the mid-70s if the forecast holds.