Michele Cullen

Michele Cullen

CLINTON — Clinton County is seeing a rise in COVID-19 case numbers, Clinton County Community Health Manager Michele Cullen said Monday.

Over the last seven days, the county had 261 positive COVID-19 cases, Cullen said. Last week, Cullen reported the county had 128 positive cases over the previous seven days.

Cullen does not attribute the increase to a superpreader event, she said. It is mostly from family events over the holiday, she said. She hopes the numbers will get back down over the next couple weeks before the upcoming Christmas holiday, she said.

The region saw an increase of 62 hospitalizations, with 190 hospitalizations in the region. There were 128 region hospitalizations reported last week. There have been no reported Clinton County hospitalizations over the last three weeks.

“Even though the hospitalization rates have increased, when we talked to these people, a lot of them are saying that their family members are more kind of common cold symptoms,” Cullen said. “Maybe a couple days of a headache. It doesn’t seem to be the virus that we were seeing last year at this time where you were ill with the high fever for several days, seven to 10 days and things like that. And I think if you would talk to people around the state or even around our area, that’s what they’re telling you. But there are those people of course who are vulnerable and do end up in the hospital and stuff and we, of course, want to protect them and be aware of that also.”

The county’s vaccination rate continues to gradually increase, with 53% of county residents having received the vaccine. Booster clinics have been very well attended, Cullen said.

“We did over 200 boosts last Wednesday and we will be doing the boost clinics for the next three Wednesdays prior to Christmas,” Cullen said.

None of Clinton County’s schools reported they were over 10% absentee, Cullen said. They are required to report when they are above 10%, she said.

The Clinton County 14-day positivity rate is 20.3%.

Clinton County Supervisors Tom Determann and Jim Irwin Jr. both supported delaying countywide training due to the local increase in COVID-19 cases.

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