Voters approve Easton Valley plan

CLINTON — The process won't be overnight, but the city of Welton is receiving some financial assistance in its quest to improve the city's water system.

The Clinton County Board of Supervisors on Monday agreed to contribute an amount not to exceed $20,000 for engineering services for the city of Welton potable water booster station pump and control issues improvements. It has been reported the entire project improvement is estimated to cost $50,000.

It's possible the city will borrow the remaining $30,000, with the savings from the electric bill generated from the previous water system being used to pay off the loan. However, mayor pro tem Dan Vosatka said more work needs to be done before plans are finalized.

"We want to have our ducks in a row if we're going to spend this money wisely and efficiently," said Vosatka, who took over for the recently resigned Glen Boswell, who had been spearheading this conversation with the Board of Supervisors.

The topic has been an active discussion with the Board of Supervisors, with Boswell previously saying the city of Welton needed upgrades to the water system, including the addition of control systems to the pumps to minimize electricity units. Boswell said the engineering firm reported the updates to the system could extend the life of the pumps and reduce maintenance.

The improvements also are reported to possibly save the city about $400 a month in electricity usage.

The decision to move ahead with the planned improvements isn't set in stone, Vosatka said. The city is investigating possible fixes to reduce the total project's costs. To help alleviate the burden of acting too quickly, Clinton County Auditor Eric Van Lancker said the money wouldn't have to be spent until the end of the fiscal year on June 30, and it's likely an extension would be granted if necessary.

Clinton County Supervisor Shawn Hamerlinck said the board would like to continue to be partners with the city of Welton.

"I want you to view this board as a friend," Hamerlinck said. "Don't be afraid to come back to this board."