Clinton County Supervisor Chairman Dan Srp

Clinton County Supervisor Chairman Dan Srp

CLINTON — The Clinton County Board of Supervisors voted 3-0 Monday to authorize Chairman Dan Srp to sign a contract with Carosh Compliance Solutions for HIPAA services.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act established a national standard for the medical industry regarding client records. Carosh provides HIPAA consulting services to businesses nationwide.

"This all benefits our risk management efforts and our cost of insurance to the county by having these trainings, all these different experiences documented and everything else," Srp said. "This is a terrific value to Clinton County, to the taxpayers, by engaging in all of this."

The county began using Carosh's services about three years ago, Srp said. Clinton County was among many counties in the state not in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

"We had some catching up to do," Srp said. "That's when we engaged Carosh at the time. We've largely got current with those training opportunities and got ourselves in an excellent position. And really that was always the intent. And then with the thought of transitioning to doing it in house."

Carosh receives a report every two weeks noting who has completed the training, who has not completed the training and who has started but not finished the training, company Chief Executive Officer Roger Shindell said. "The objective is to get up to about 80% compliance.

"Of course we'd like to get up to 100, but that doesn't happen. So we get 80% we feel pretty good about that," Shindell said.

"Last time I looked over your report over the weekend we were at about 52% compliance with the training, so we need to get that bumped up to 80-plus percent."

Carosh is offering a two-day training for Privacy Officer Organizational Fundamentals later this year, Shindell said. The training, requested by some clients of Carosh, will be offered Sept. 25 and Sept. 26 in West Des Moines. The program would give someone in the county fundamentals needed to manage a privacy program whether they manage it in house or through Carosh.

"The logic from our clients is, if they have someone who's trained on this they're segueing into a lower level of services, so you could cut your annual cost for our services in about half," Shindell said. "People are doing a one-year transition so we have a number of clients, counties, that are in their transition year this year, and next year they will go on and shift down to a lower level of services from us."

The two-day training will cost Carosh clients $1,500, Shindell said. The retail price is $2,500.

Carosh will also offer a half-day program for $500. An individual could complete one day of training and come back in four months to complete the second day of the training, Shindelll said.

The county's currently subscribes to Carosh's HIPAA select service. "We are working closely with your county personnel on a one-to-one basis. The custom program," Shindell said. "Price is same as what it was last year.

"The renewal letter which you all receive a copy of explains all the items that we went through this year. We did the risk assessment. We did the remediation plans. We completed the remediation. We delivered the policy procedure manual," Shindell said.