County supervisor questions treasurers honesty

CLINTON — Clinton County Board of Supervisors Chairman Dan Srp said Monday that Clinton County Treasurer Rhonda McIntyre "lied to all the taxpayers."

During a board discussion of the treasurer's budget Monday, Supervisor Jim Irwin Jr. said that McIntyre told him she intends to fill every position she currently has. Srp said that during both of McIntyre's election campaigns she said she would reduce staff through attrition.

"So she lied to all the taxpayers. That's awesome," Srp said. "Getting tired of that game. At least that's a way to get votes, I guess. I'll have to remember that lying is a way to win an election next time I want to run for office. Oh wait I don't have to do that. I'll just be honest."

Irwin said that Dubuque County, with a population of approximately 90,000, has 14 employees in the treasurer's office, including the treasurer. He said Muscatine County, with a population of 43,000 to 45,000, has seven employees in the treasurer's office, including the treasurer. Clinton County, with a population of approximately 47,000, has 12 employees in the county treasurer's office, including McIntyre.

Dubuque County operates a satellite location with one individual, which they rotate, Irwin said. Muscatine County had an annex location until they cut the treasurer's office staffing level from nine employees to seven employees.

"That says the story right there," Srp said. "And they're both doing it with a single individual which our treasurer is adamant she's unwilling to do even though the other counties do it all the time.

"And the state auditor's office confirmed that there are appropriate checks and balances available," Srp said, though it's "maybe not best practice" to staff a satellite office with one person.

McIntyre has argued that it is not best practice, Irwin said, and she does not want to be written up by the auditor.

McIntyre has also requested that a person who has been working part-time for months be returned to full-time, Srp said.

"It doesn't make any sense to me," Srp said. "And the fact of turning people into deputies so she can isolate them and massage their wages to try to help someone out or benefit one over another, I think it borders on unethical from an employer's standpoint.

"I hate to shine a light on it through this conversation because the whole thing reflects poorly on the county," Srp said. "It's embarrassing to me to have anything to do with it."

The Board of Supervisors are set to have a budget meeting, beginning at 9 a.m. Thursday. The board at the meeting will discuss the County Treasurer budget with McIntyre. McIntyre elected to not comment until the discussion with the board on Thursday.