dewitt water tower stock photo

DeWITT — The DeWitt City Council gave the go-ahead to install a metal roof on city hall that is viewed as a “long-term solution.”

The city had budgeted $18,000 for a new roof, and the city received three bids for traditional shingle roofing: one for $18,500, another for $20,000 and another at more than $22,000.

The city also received a bid for a metal roof that was $23,500. The city called other companies for other metal-roof bids, and they came in far higher —around $49,000 — than the original metal-roof bid.

“The roof has a 40-year warranty on the product and 20-year warranty for the labor,” said Steve Lindner, city administrator. “(The council) only budgeted $18,000, so the others are still in play, but we think that, long term, the money spent would probably the best bet.”

Director of Finance Deanna Rekemeyer said there are reserve funds that can be tapped to pay for the $5,500 additional cost over the budgeted amount.

In other action, the city council:

■ Held a public hearing on the proposed adoption of an ordinance granting Interstate Power & Light Company (Alliant Energy) a 25-year, nonexclusive electric franchise. No one from the audience addressed the council, and city hall has received no verbal or written comments.

■ Approved the first reading of an ordinance repealing Ordinance No. 95-15 and granting to “Interstate Power & Light Company, its successors and assigns, a non-exclusive 25-year franchise to acquire, construct, erect, maintain and operate an electric system” in DeWitt.

■ Approved a transfer of $16,082 to the DeWitt Aquatic Center.

Lindner said revenues were less than anticipated, and there was a number of repairs stemming from flooding damages, some of which were covered by insurance. He recommended using revenue from the hotel-motel tax to pay for the negative balance.

■ Approved the transfer of $38,686 for the Sewer Disinfection Improvement Project.

Lindner said the money is the result of “a timing issue” concerning specific work during an ongoing series of projects to update the city’s wastewater treatment system to adhere to heightened government regulations.

■ Approved the transfer of $45,000 for the Sewer Utility Fund to accommodate repair and maintenance expenses that originated out of an agreement that dates to 1997.

■ Approved “Change Order No. 1” for the Library Addition & Renovation Project 2019, and authorized the mayor to sign the same, regarding some donated money that has not yet been accounted for on the revenue side.

■ Approved “Change Order No. 7” for the South 6th Avenue Project 2018, and authorized the mayor to sign the same. There was a $380 discrepancy in the cost of using topsoil versus a rock additive on the project.

■ Approved special events application for Jorgie’s Street Dance and Bags Tournament Fundraiser, which calls for some staffing of police officers for the duration of the event.

■ Approved “Iowa Department of Transportation 2018 Street Finance Report,” and authorized the mayor to sign the same.

■ Approved “Change Order No. 1 for the Street Improvement Project 2019.”

■ Approved a partial lien release for Hafner Brothers.

■ Approved purchase of a new pickup truck for the building department.

The city had budgeted $43,000 for the vehicle, and the projected total costs of the vehicle that was selected will be slightly above $40,000, according to Lindner.

■ Set a hearing to consider a first-right-of-refusal agreement with Connor Murphy for property located at 911 Sixth Ave.

■ Approved reconciliation of contract for street project on South Sixth Avenue.

■ Accepted a resignation and approved an updated job description for billing clerk.

■ Approved an emergency item seeking a street closure for the Forest Court Block Party on Aug. 17.