Drives Building back on Fulton city council agenda

FULTON, Ill. — The Drives Building and sale of land in Industrial Park are among items up for discussion by the Fulton City Council on Monday.

The Fulton City Council agenda for Monday’s meeting includes a bid opening for abatement and demolition of the Drives Building. The Committee of the Whole agenda under public input and presentations lists a presentation relating to the Historical Society for purchase of the Drives Building.

The Fulton City Council voted 5-3 last month to approve the demolition of the Drives Building before the end of 2018. The funding for the demolition will come from the 2018 sale of city properties, including the Robert Fulton Community Center, Heritage Canyon lots, Maresca and Fulton Thomson Food Pantry.

The Fulton City Council also voted 5-3 approving a motion to advertise for bids for asbestos abatement and to demolish and remove materials. The city per code is required to advertise for expenditures over $25,000. The city received bids from multiple vendors but now needs to get the bids updated through advertised Requests for Proposals.

The Committee of the Whole agenda under public input and presentations includes sale of land in industrial park.

Fulton City Administrator Randy Boonstra during the Committee of the Whole meeting on Oct. 29 said the city had an offer to provide industrial park land to Troy Chase. Boonstra said Chase wants to buy 10 acres of the industrial park. Boonstra said the proposed property would be around U.S. 30, adding they would build a road into the proposed property. He said they would gravel the road first and after the gravel sets in they would blacktop the road.

He added that with the sale, the city will still have 30 acres across the industrial park for a large development. They would also have the corner available, which Boonstra prefers to be used for commercial activity. The proposal is to sell the proposed property for $85,120 for 10 acres.

The Fulton City Council will meet at 5:30 p.m. Monday. The Committee of the Whole meeting will take place after the regular City Council meeting.