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CLINTON — The Clinton County Board of Supervisors approved a motion authorizing Clinton County Department of Health to send cease-and-desist letters to Elvira residents who have not signed up for the county’s proposed solution for Elvira’s wastewater treatment problems.

The Supervisors voted 3-0 Monday to approve a motion to authorize the County Department of Health to send a cease-and-desist order that was collaboratively generated by the county health department and the Clinton County Attorney’s Office.

County Director of Environmental Services Shane McClintock noted the county has four residents who have not contacted county health about whether they want to sign onto the county’s solution to resolve Elvira wastewater issues. The cease-and-desist order was passed through the board of health, McClintock said. One resident interested in installing the system themselves will be able to install it themselves if they comply within a certain period of time, McClintock said.

Clinton County Attorney Mike Wolf noted the county does not yet have the minimum number of households they are looking to sign up for the improvement. The county needs one more household to sign up to meet the minimum of 10 households out of a possible 14 households, McClintock said.

“We thought for the purposes of in the best interest of the county and Department of Health that we need to at this point send notices to those persons that are not signing up that there will be a cease and desist of the questioned drainage tile,” Wolf said. “We believe we can authorize this because we have a solution at hand now. And in order to do this fairly in a way that we could defend in court, we feel we need to get those notices and give them timely opportunity to correct before we deprive them of the use of the illegal system.”

Supervisor Dan Srp believes this action is consistent with the county’s message for an extended period of time that sending a cease-and-desist order could be the outcome for residents if they chose not to address the issue on their own. Srp supported moving forward with the resolution since the county already stated this would happen for residents who did not sign on for the improvements, he said.

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