Extra solid waste containers? You could be charged more

CLINTON — The Clinton City Council today is set to discuss and potentially approve a resolution re-structuring fees pertaining to extra solid waste, yard waste, or recycling containers.

The council will meet at 5 p.m. at City Hall, 611 S. Third St., to run through an agenda featuring the potential resolution that looks to amend a 1998 ordinance governing solid waste collection protocol in Clinton. The issue arose recently in which city officials began to look into properties that possess multiple solid waste, yard waste or recycling containers, but are only paying monthly fees for one of each kind.

The resolution up for discussion on today’s docket could add a $10 monthly fee for each additional solid waste container along with a $35 singular delivery fee, a $5 monthly fee for each additional yard waste container along with a $35 singular delivery fee, and a $5 monthly fee for each additional recycling container along with a $35 singular delivery fee.

The flat collection rate of $17.65 per month would not change should the resolution be approved.

Clinton Street Department Superintendent Creighton Regenwether, whose department oversees solid waste collection, stated at a recent council Committee of the Whole meeting that the city provides basic services “at a fair price” but the system was not meant to be “a la carte.” Regenwether stated that many residences are only paying for one cart of a certain kind, but in fact have several.

City Administrator Matt Brooke expressed his notion that additional containers at the residences in question warrant the potential additional monthly cost. Brooke said a basic service is provided to the citizens of Clinton, and if certain property owners or tenants want additional containers that go above and beyond the basic service, then a fair fee should be assessed.

According to Brooke, the city’s Finance Committee has reviewed the proposal and is in support of the council passing the resolution today.