Clinton County Facilities Manager Corey Johnson speaks Wednesday at the Board of Supervisors meeting. Johnson outlined improvements needed at the Clinton County Law Center.

CLINTON — The Clinton County Law Center will need updates that could cost more than $11,000, Clinton County Facilities Manager Corey Johnson told county supervisors Wednesday.

Johnson said things are running fairly well in the new facility but there are things to work through, which he said he had expected.

Any time a building that size is opened there will be things to work through, Johnson said. Last week a couple of minor issues were identified in two of the cell pods in the booking in area. The cells have return air but no intake air, he said, meaning they have no heating or cooling.

Johnson said the intake was missed on the Clinton County Law Center plans.

There was no heat going into the padded cell and the cell next to it, Board Chairman Dan Srp said Wednesday; the area was at about 56 degrees a couple days ago.

Vice-Chairman Tom Determann asked if the contractor would not say the intake was not in the drawing. Johnson said contractors claimed to have completed the project according to the drawing and thought the cell would draw enough heat underneath the two doorways because it was in the middle of the building.

“I’m guessing that’s probably what the laborers on site were thinking, but needless to say, it is a fix that we’re going to have to fix because right now the padded cell’s shut down,” Johnson said.

The fix will cost about $4,700, Johnson said. Johnson recommended the county work with subcontractor Giese Sheet Metal to avoid a 15% added cost from Northwest Mechanical.

The county is also fixing a keying issue, Johnson said. After the design part of the building was completed, the county made changes through value engineering to lower the cost.

“We missed the keying part and changing offices around and changing some work areas around to help add efficiencies,” Johnson said. “So there is going to be some keying cost yet coming up because we’re going to have to rekey some locks.”

Johnson said the old jail was keyed to a detention-grade system. The new jail is keyed to a federal detention grade three keying system.

The keying correction will cost between $5,000 and $7,000, Johnson said.