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FULTON, Ill. — The River Bend Education Foundation typically recognizes seniors who have earned a 3.75 grade-point average through high school with a banquet. COVID put an end to that, the Foundation said. Instead, Foundation President Kathleen Schipper met with each grade level at school individually and gave the students their awards.

The High School Media Pub class also put together a video of the senior and their future plans. That video will be shared with all of the students and parents, the Foundation said.

First year winners of the 3.75 academic award are Morgan Baker, daughter of Trent and Malinda Baker; Brooklyn Brennan, daughter of Mike and Cathy Brennan; Owen Brubaker, son of Martin and Sarah Brubaker; Brianna Cramer, daughter of Josh and Kelly Cramer; Bailey Dykstra, daughter of Andrew and Kelly Dykstra.

Grace Dykstra, daughter of Shane and Jennifer Dykstra; Reese Dykstra, daughter of Brent and Stacy Dykstra; Khadija Elahmady, daughter of Ahmed and Joelian Elahmady; Nicole Griffith, daughter of Amanda Robertson and Nathan Griffith; Annaka Hackett, daughter of Aaron and Christy Hackett; Bryson Huizenga, son of Jessica Thoms.

Lydia Huizenga, daughter of Adam and Megan Huizenga; Ariana Kalyan, daughter of Melanie Kalyan and Manreet Kalyan; Paige Lower, daughter of Patrick and Rae Beth Lower; Madyson Luskey, daughter of Joe and Karyn Luskey; Tyler Morrison, son of Tad and Kirsty Morrison; Maximillian Palomar, son of Kim Langloss; Joshua Prombo, son of Toni and Jim Prombo; Brady Read, son of David and Tara Read; Xander Vogel, son of Brandy Milder; Jasmine Walker, daughter of Lance Walker; Lauren Wambergue, daughter of Jason and Holly Wambergue

Second year winners are Payton Curley, son of David and Christa Curley; Braiden Damhoff, son of Natalie Damhoff and Andy Damhoff; Brayden Dykstra, son of Kevin and Regina Dykstra; Amy Hughes, daughter of Mark and Doreen Hughes.

Landon Meyers, son of Andrew and Marie Meyers; Arieanna Moreland, daughter of Jeanne Moreland; Ariana Nielsen, daughter of Shauna Snyder and Tyler Manon; Daken Pessman, son of Eric and Sara Pessman; Kadence Rice, daughter of Sarah Rice and Larry Rice; Grace Sanderson, daughter of Matt and Mary Sanderson.

Kamryn Sikkema, daughter of Stacy McMahon; Elijah Stillings, son of Tom and Brenda Stillings; Suvraj Grewal, son of Harvinder and Satinderjit Grewal

Third year winners are Rachael Bennett, daughter of David and Jeanette Bennett; Kelsey Crimmins, daughter of Kerri VanKampen and Jim Crimmins; Marcus Dixon, son of Joe and Regina Dixon.

Drew Dykstra, son of Brent and Stacy Dykstra; Lilly Hayden, daughter of Trish Kingery and Dustin Hayden; Marissa Lehman, daughter of Regina Lehman and Greg Lehman; Victoria McGovern, daughter of Kenneth and Beth McGovern; Ella Penca, daughter of Kim Klooster-Penca and Jeff Penca.

Cailyn Piercy, daughter of Chad and Monica Piercy; Peyton Sanderson, daughter of Jerri Sanderson and Mike Sanderson; Hailey Stage, daughter of Don and Amy Stage; Kara Stoecker, daughter of Barb Stoecker and Chet Stoecker; Kendra Underwood, daughter of Jill Underwood and Chris Underwood

Four-year winners are Connor Barnett, son of Chris and Andrea Barnett; Kaitlyn Bruggenwirth, daughter of Steve and Laurie Bruggenwirth; Kylie Collachia, daughter of Jim and Stacey Collachia.

Giana Floming, daughter of Brooke Posateri and Jason Floming; Corinne Leonhardt, daughter of Kevin and Deanna Leonhardt; Baylee Merema, daughter of Ryan Merema and Carrie Walters; Faith Ottens, daughter Joe and Brooke Ottens; Allyson Reed, daughter of Rod and Kelly Reed.

Mariah Underwood, daughter of Jill Underwood and Chris Underwood; Joshua Vanderploeg, son of Craig and Brenda Vanderploeg

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