CLINTON -- A Tuesday overnight ice storm remained relatively calm throughout the Gateway area, with local law enforcement and public safety officials reporting fairly normal responses to weather-related traffic accident numbers.

The storm, expected beforehand to dump as much as 0.4 inches of ice on the Clinton area with "hazardous travel conditions" reported by the National Weather Service, slowly made its way throughout the region on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

The aftermath of the freezing rain was calmer than expected.

"It looks like we responded to one vehicle put in a ditch, then one more in a ditch over by DeWitt, but those are the only weather-related accidents that I can see from last night," Clinton County Sheriff's Dept. Sgt. Jessup Schroeder said Wednesday.

Clinton Fire Department EMS crews were busy as usual Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, but according to Battalion Chief Joel Atkinson, the ice storm played no part in the calls.

"We were busy, out and about, but nothing storm-related that I can see," Atkinson said Wednesday afternoon. "Not much was said at shift change this morning regarding the storm, and I'm not seeing any responses to traffic accidents in our reports."

Clinton Police officials were unavailable for comment by press time Wednesday.

Along with the expected hazardous travel conditions, ice storms can come with downed power lines and inconvenient power outages.

Before the Tuesday night arrival of the precipitation, Alliant Energy officials assured customers that the storm would most likely pass without issue due to the company's preparedness for potential outages.

"Our men and women are always on standby, because every day for us brings the opportunity for an emergency of some kind, like an outage," Alliant's Justin Foss said Tuesday. "Our crews are always equipped with the strongest equipment, and are always ready to fix the issue, whether it’s caused by ice or not."

That seemed to hold true, officials updated Wednesday afternoon. Alliant communications official Mike Wagner reported no issues "in the Clinton area" as part of the storm.

"It looks like, just about everywhere, outages have been minimal," Wagner said Wednesday after the storm. "We as a company have made some upgrades and changes over time to make sure that, even in some severe weather cases, our systems are operating reliably. I think you saw that Tuesday night and in to Wednesday morning."