Fulton City Administrator Randy Boonstra (left) speaks at the Fulton City Council meeting. Fulton Public Works Director Dan Clark (right) is also shown.

FULTON, Ill. — Multiple street improvements and street repairs in Fulton are planned for this fall.

A street improvement program states the city’s goal is to make major improvements to Park Drive in the Drives Park area, First Avenue from 12th Street to Fifth Street and Eighth Street from 14th Avenue to 20th Avenue.

The plan includes street repairs on Fifth Street from 10th Avenue to 14th Avenue, Sixth Street and Second Street from 10th Avenue to 11th Avenue and 17th Street from Illinois 84 to 17th Street.

The report states all attempts will be made to complete repairs this fall, with the exception of Eighth Street. The report says Park Drive and First Avenue may be started in the fall and completed in the spring. Eighth Street will be repaired in spring 2020 as funding becomes available.

The report says the council passed a $1.035 million bond to pay for most of the work. The annual funds to service the bond, which has a term of 10 years, will come from $40,000 of video gaming funds and $60,000 from street depreciation. The report states the council approved 50 percent of video gaming funds for street repairs., and the report says any income from the 50 percent of video gaming that exceeds $40,000 annually will be placed into the street depreciation fund.

The report says staff and council will work together to identify the priority for continuous street improvement. The report adds by creating the new income stream for streets, the city should be able to annually make repairs to small sections of city streets.

“We still want to keep looking at an income stream for street depreciation so that we can continue to do improvements around town even if it’s block by block or a couple blocks at a time rather than big streets,” City Administrator Randy Boonstra said. “If we do something like Main Street downtown, that’s a huge project. We’ll have to consider funding for that completely different.”

The report says the street depreciation fund is funded by the 2017 increase in the utility taxes. It is currently budgeted for $100,000 per year in income. The report says the $60,000 earmarked for the bond allows $40,000 to annually be retained for street projects in the future. The report states the fund may also benefit from income from 50 percent of video gaming revenue that is not earmarked for street improvements.