Fulton mulls upgrades

FULTON, Ill. — Fulton City Administrator Randy Boonstra is recommending the city of Fulton consider information technology upgrades.

Boonstra during a meeting last month suggested the city consider having a central place for all city information. He characterized the city’s computer system as disjointed, stating the city currently stores data on two services. He suggested the city put its two servers in the Cloud. Boonstra said in working with city information technology workers, they have a solution in which the data will be stored in the Cloud.

“We wouldn’t have any hardware here that we have to maintain and replace,” Boonstra said. “So there would be a lot of advantages to us. It would also centralize all of our data.”

Boonstra said if the city elects to move to storing its data in the Cloud, there will be a monthly payment. He said they would pay a little more per month but would not have to purchase equipment in the future.

“All this equipment is maintained in a catastrophe-proof structure down in the Quad-Cities,” Boonstra said. “It’s going to come from Platinum Implementations out of the Quad-Cities.”

Fulton Mayor Mike Ottens asked if the information technology upgrades will be for the police department, citing the number of videos the department uses.

“A lot of the reasons that we’re looking at all this extra storage is all the video storage that we have,” Boonstra said. “So that’ll be pretty much unlimited storage on Platinum servers... They also have double encryption so from the security standpoint Platinum already does police departments. So they know how to handle that special data that has to be segregated from the general population.”

Boonstra said another reason for the proposed upgrades is the city does not have a contingency plan. He said a lot of city machines have no backups, citing the use of zip drives.

“There’s no offsite, backup of data,” Boonstra said. “So this will again make it a lot more secure for all the city data.”