Grant applications move online

CLINTON — Fall grant applications are available through the Clinton County Development Association's new online grant process.

The Clinton County Development Association updated its website, which went live earlier in the spring. Board Director Kim Clausen said the process started when the CCDA wanted to move from a paper grant process to an online only grant process.

The new website features updates including all recipients of grants given by the CCDA, better information for scholarship recipient guidelines and a section on frequently asked questions.

The CCDA is taking online applications for the first time for the fall grant process. The system will allow an individual or group, after they've filled out an application, have information saved and recreated on future applications.

The application has one 40-point category and three 20-point categories. Fall grant applications will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. Aug. 14.

"We recognize people might find moving from paper to electronic may be challenging," Clausen said. "Really the whole board feels that once you do it once, or get someone to help you who is more computer savvy, and submit it, you will also find it moves along a lot faster and is a lot cleaner."

The CCDA will give out as much as $317,500 in grants for the fall 2019 grant cycle. An organization must contribute 25% of the total project cost to be eligible for a CCDA grant. The grant application may be found on the website by clicking "menu" and "apply for a grant."

Information on fall grants may be found at A representative of the CCDA may be reached at 563-242-5702.