CLINTON – Rain stopped falling Sunday morning in time for more than 300 runners and walkers to finish a half-marathon, a 10K and a 5K in downtown Clinton.

Clinton Middle School band director Patrick Brooks waited on Fifth Avenue South at 7:15 a.m. for the start of his first Clinton half-marathon.

“I’ve been working up to it,” said Brooks. He ran 30-40 miles a week to prepare for Sunday.

“Ever since middle school I’ve been running,” Brooks said. A native of Reynolds, Illinois, Brooks ran cross country and track for Rockridge High School, he said.

Brooks is the band director for sixth through eighth grades at Clinton Middle School, and some of the students may have seen him run Sunday. “I think some of them are volunteering with the Leo Club.”

Brooks ran the BIX 7 in Davenport in July, he said, but “that’s the only big one I’ve done this year.” In previous years he has run the Galesburg, Illinois half-marathon and the Quad-City marathon.

“I like the half more,” Brooks said. Running the marathon was OK, but “the training runs are just too long.”

Brooks finished ninth overall Sunday with a time of 1:41:22. He finished first in his division – men between the ages of 30 and 34.

Craig Labath of Coralville stretched out and took a few laps up and down Fifth Avenue South about 10 minutes before the start of his run. He ran the half-marathon in 2014 and in 2016, he said, but the 31-year-old ran the 5K Sunday.

“I’m getting older. I have two little girls now,” Labath said. Finding time to train is becoming difficult. “Less training, less distance.”

The former sprinter for St. Ambrose University in Davenport finished second in Sunday’s 5K, first of men ages 30 to 34, with a time of 20:51.

Runners and walkers lined up at the starting inflatable and took off at the sound of the gun at 7:30 a.m. Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” blared behind them, and Derek Grant and his bagpipes waited ahead.

A member of Black Hawk Pipes & Drums of the Quad Cities, Grant has played during the Clinton half-marathon twice before. “I start here, then I go to Eagle Point Park, and back to the finish line,” Grant said.

Volunteer Jim Fuegen rang a cowbell and shouted encouragement to runners as they passed him at the corner of South Second Street and Fifth Avenue South.

Ten-year-old Riley Reynolds ran her second 5K race in two days, finishing first in her division at the Quad City River Bandits Race to Home on Saturday and second among children from 10 to 14 years of age in Clinton on Sunday.

“I like that you get to exercise while you’re having fun,” Reynolds said. “And there’s always an award when you come back.” Reynolds has been running about three years, she said, and has about eight awards.

“I have a trophy, too,” Reynolds said. That came in the 2-mile Run the Rock race at the Rock Island Arsenal.

Reynolds finished Sunday’s 5K in 31 minutes, 43 seconds.

Wyatt Mussmann, now 10, started running when he was 8 or 9, he said. For what reason? “Because my parents did it.”

The Eldridge resident thought the temperature was a little cool Sunday, but he had his best time, he said. Official scores placed him second in his division – boys age 10 to 14 – with a time of 27:18.

“I just like going through the neighborhoods,” Mussmann said.

Reese Detoye, though only 7, knew how to execute a final kick to finish strong. Reese, from Davenport, finished the 5K in 41 minutes, 35 seconds, fourth among girls 9 years old or younger.

“She started out in the buggy,” said Detoye’s grandmother Cheryl DeToye. Then Reese began running on her own. “She’s got a lot of races under her belt,” Cheryl said.

Cheryl finished fourth in her division – women between 60 and 64 – in 41:38.

A total of 156 runners finished Sunday’s 5K, 80 finished the 10K and 93 finished the half-marathon.

5K winners: 1st overall and in Men 35-39: Jared Liles, Lena, Illinois, 18:59; 1st in Men 30-34: Craig Labath, Coralville, IA, 20:51; 1st in Women 15-19: Anna Mickley, Morrison, Illinois, 21:57; 1st in Men 50-54: Jim Irwin Jr., DeWitt, 23:21; 1st in Men 60-64: Ken Davison, Wheaton, Illinois, 23:22; 1st in Women 55-59: Ann Eisenman, Clinton, 24:26; 1st in Men 70 and older: Greg Dennis, Clinton, 24:59; 1st in Women 10-14: Natalie Krogman, Clinton, 25:14; 1st in Women 45-49: Danika Vilmont, Waukee, 25:18; 1st in Men 45-49: Pat Vilmont, Waukee, 25:18; 1st in Women 35-39: Carol Schaab, Blue Grass, 25:58; 1st in Girls 1-9: Cambyl Sattler, Clinton, 26:13; 1st in Boys 10-14: Dallas Bunn, Savanna, Illinois, 26:16; 1st in Men 55-59: Dwayne Gerozin, Clinton, 26:16; 1st in Men 40-44: Carlos Donaire, Clinton, 27:08;

1st in Men 20-24: Luke Boyd, Clinton, 27:15; 1st in Women 30-34: Betsy Robinson, Fulton, Illinois, 27:50; 1st in Women 60-64: Judith Deter, Morrison, Illinois, 27:50; 1st in Men 65-69: Fred Smith, Clinton, 27:54; 1st in Women 50-54: Debbie Ray, Clinton, 29:07; 1st in Women 20-24: Krista Atkinson, 29:43; 1st in Women 40-44: Salina Schroeder, 30:11; 1st in Women 25-29: Ashley Sconzo, Clinton, 30:38; 1st in Boys 1-9: Michael Doerer, Clinton, 35:11;1st in Women 70 and older: Marjorie Baker, Clinton, 36:03; 1st in Women 65-69: Louise Lorenzen, Clinton, 37:00.

10K winners: 1st overall and in Men 19 and younger: Kaeleb Royster, Williamsburg, 35:21: 1st in Men 25-29: Evan Tuisl, Clinton, 40:31; 1st in Men 45-49: Dave Ladihoff, Chebanse, Illinois, 41:24; 1st in Men 40-44, Jason Van Hyfte, Clinton, 43:20; 1st in Men 55-59: Timothy Determan, Clinton, 44:41; 1st in Men 60-64: Bob Thompson, Davenport, 46:32; 1st in Men 30-34: Andy Lewis, Morrison, Illinois, 47:33; 1st in Women 25-29: Suzanne Flexsenhar, Durant, 50:13; 1st in Women 20-24: Madisen Lindbloom, Moline, Illinois, 50:18; 1st in Women 30-34: Maggie Kenney, Clinton, 50:49; 1st in Women 60-64: Deb Bly, Fulton, Illinois, 51:33; 1st in Women 55-59: Sue Riojas, Clinton, 52:56;

1st in Woman 45-49: Paula Stickles, Decatur, Illinois, 53:07; 1st in Men 65-69: Randy Stark, Clinton, 55:52; 1st in Women 40-44: Lori Matlack, Morrison, Illinois, 56:30; 1st in Women 50-54: Tiffany Coleman, Lexington, Kentucky, 58:07; 1st in Women 35-39: Hanna Van Hyfte, Clinton, 59:16; 1st in Men 50-54: Michael Varner, Clinton, 1:02:59; 1st in Men 70 and older: Dave Zimmer, Long Grove, 1:04:44;1st in Men 35-39: Joshua Proud, Fulton, Illinois, 1:09:12;1st in Women 65-69: Vivan Chadwick-Karlberg, 1:49:42.

Half-marathon winners: 1st overall and in Men 35-39: Warren Clarida, Iowa City, 1:15:07; 1st in Men 20-24: Dalton Rice, Muscatine, 1:26:16; 1st in Women 20-24: Jessica Riojas, Clinton, 1:30:09; 1st in Men 40-44: Tyson Ketelsen, Iowa City, 1:31:40; 1st in Men 25-29: Andrew Tuisl, Clinton, 1:32:44; 1st in Men 30-34: Patrick Brooks, Clinton, 1:41:22; 1st in Men 45-49: Wayne Ward, Bettendorf, 1:43:55; 1st in Men 50-54: Steve Heimbaugh, Winnebago, Illinois, 1:45:01; 1st in Men 60-64: Bruce Yaddof, Preston, 1:46:17; 1st in Women 40-44: Andra Clark, Tinley Park, Illinois, 1:46:33;

1st in Women 25-29: Kim Doerr, Moline, Illinois, 1:47:14; 1st in Women 45-49: Cindy Weets, Clinton, 1:49:15; 1st in Women 30-34: Jessica Mente, DeWitt, 1:53:33; 1st in Men 55-59: Tom Arrison, Lake Villa, Illinois, 1:53:58; 1st in Women 35-39: Rachel Dick, Decatur, Illinois, 1:54:45; 1st in Women 50-54: Kris Whalen, Clinton, 2:11:54; 1st in Women 65-69: Rita Schaeffer, Clinton, 2:14:12; 1st in Women 60-64: Luanne Rutt, Deltona, Florida, 2:18:39; 1st in Women 55-59: Lisa Snyder, Fulton, Illinois, 2:21:19.

A native of Centerville, Winona comes to the Clinton Herald after writing for the Ottumwa Courier for two years.