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CLINTON — Heat, humidity and a stray thunderstorm have been the forecast for the last several days, and the tropical-like weather will continue through the weekend across the Gateway area.

Forecasters say the areas is stuck in a weather pattern that is more common in late July or early August. Jim Hladik, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in the Quad-Cities, says the consistent 90-degree days accompanied with high humidity and pop-up thunderstorms would make people feel like they’re living in Florida and not the Midwest.

“The weather pattern remains kind of stagnant here,” Hladik said. “There’s a blocking pattern, and it takes a lot to bump it, especially if there’s no jet stream or a big strong low-pressure system coming in from the west to kind of knock it down.”

Hladik says the area can expect this pattern to remain in place at least through the weekend. He says temperatures across the region will remain in the upper 80s to low 90s, and the humidity is here to stay, too.

Though the forecast calls for chances of showers and thunderstorms daily through the next four to six days, Hladik says severe storms are not anticipated.

“We don’t have the dynamics like the wind shear or strong winds and with the jet stream migrating off to the north, we have the warmth and humidity, but we don’t have the winds and the steering that would cause severe weather,” Hladik said.

Hladik cautioned that any showers and thunderstorms that do develop could bring heavy rains. He says on hot humid days like these, a nice heavy rainfall could bring the temperatures down a few degrees, providing some temporary relief from the heatwave.

Hladik says temperatures across the area are ranging anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees above normal for this time of year. He said the normal high for this week of June averages from 77 in Dubuque to 80 in the Quad-Cities.

Because of this weather pattern, temperatures in the Gateway area are hotter than places in the South. For example, Clinton reached 86 degrees by midday Tuesday, which was hotter than Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Nashville, and Dallas.

But Hladik says relief is on the way, as a frontal system is forecast to come through by the middle of the weekend.

“By early next week, we will start to get some north winds. We can expect cooler temperatures and less humidity into Monday and Tuesday, with highs in the low to mid-80s and dew points back in the 50s,” Hladik said.

Looking ahead, the area can expect temperatures to rise again to the upper 80s by the middle of next week, but a stronger frontal system will bring temps back into the low 80s if not the upper 70s.

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