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On Oct 10 you did a write-up on Midwest Pets For Life TNR program and referenced the Clinton Humane society in it. The three-year contract the city signed with CHS has nothing to do with that program or Midwest Pets For Life!! In fact, CHS is turning away animals from their shelter and referring people to MPFL.

CHS is funded by the city, MPFL is not. CHS should not be turning away animals at all. I think your statement was VERY misleading for the public. CHS wants nothing to do with this program and making an assumption that they do, or are, is wrong.

I think a small rebuttal to clarify this for the public would be appreciated and then they would understand MPFL relies solely on donations and grants to make these programs work. Then the public donations would go to the right program and not the CHS. Thank you for your time.

Lisa Carstensen, Clinton