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CLINTON — Daylight Savings Time would become permanent in Iowa if a bill introduced Thursday in the Iowa Senate becomes law.

The Committee on State Government introduced a bill that would make Daylight Savings Time the official time for Iowa throughout the year, but only if all of Iowa’s border states — Minnesota, Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri, South Dakota and Wisconsin — have passed similar legislation by July 1, 2031.

Illinois Representative Adam Niemerg introduced a bill last month that would make Daylight Savings Time permanent in Illinois beginning the second Sunday of March in 2022. The bill was referred to the Rules Committee.

The Uniform Time Act of 1966 established Daylight Savings Time, providing that standard time in each time zone established by the act of March 19, 1918 be advanced by one hour beginning at 2 a.m. the last Sunday of April and ending at 2 a.m. the last Sunday of October each year.

The act intended to keep time standard throughout each time zone to accommodate interstate commerce and went into effect April 1, 1967.

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